4 Outdoor Activities to Enjoy in Durango this Spring and Summer

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Durango’s fair springs and mild summers make our little Colorado city the perfect place to get active outside! Take advantage of all of the region’s beautiful natural resources by participating in one of the following four outdoor activities in Durango in the coming season!

Take A 5 Day Biking Tour

Durango’s Colorado Trail Tour combines some of the best continuous technical singletrack there is and defines backcountry mountain biking. If you’re looking for the most extreme guided mountain biking tour, you’ll find it with Rim Tours' Colorado Single Track. Elevations are high, between 9,000 and 12,000 feet, and the views are amazing with the entire San Juan range expanding before you.

durango zipline

Zip Across The Sky

Challenge yourself, tap into your adrenaline reserves and see your surroundings with a bird’s-eye view by zipping through the treetops! Durango is home to Soaring Tree Top Adventures, the largest, safest zip line canopy course tour in the world. This award-winning course features 34 platforms and has spans ranging from 56 feet to nearly a quarter mile.

durango fishing

Cast Off

There’s nothing like connecting with nature with your boots in the water and your reel in your hand. Duranglers offers much more than just equipment; the shop’s claim to fame is their extensive offerings of guided fly-fishing trips in area waters including the Animas, San Juan, Delores rivers and much more. Consider hiring a guide to help you navigate the local waters or sign up for one of Duranglers’ inclusive fly-fishing clinics.

Float And Soak

For beginners, challenging yourself on the Upper Animas's Class V whitewater river might be a bit much. Enjoy yourself and splash around in the Class I, II, and III rapids on the Lower Animas with Mild To Wild's Float & Soak package. After an invigorating half day of rafting the Lower Animas, soak in the relaxing hot springs! The therapeutic mineral pools are the perfect way to end an adventurous day.

Looking for ways to enjoy nature in Durango and Southwest Colorado? Check out our Durango attractions page for additional information about outdoor activities and much more.