Durango Breweries

Looking for great beer in Durango, Colorado? These local Durango breweries make up the best of the best that Durango has to offer in ways of microbrews and brewpubs. Click on a link below to learn more about local brewers from Durango, Colorado.  

Brew Pub & Kitchen

Since March 2013, long time Durango locals, Erik and Lainie Maxson, have been focused on bringing amazing hand crafted beer and scrumptious fresh food from scratch to Durango. … [+ More]

Animas Brewing Company

Offering a variety of flavorful craft beer alongside their own spin on comfort food, Animas Brewing Co. has a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere perfect for a night out on the … [+ More]

Durango Brewing Co

Durango Brewing Company is the third oldest microbrewery in Colorado. Brewing since 1990, our heritage dates to 1886 when Durango Beer and Ice Company became Durango Brewing Com… [+ More]

Ska Brewing Company

Way back in 1995, two guys, Dave and Bill, loved any and all kinds of beer even though they were not old enough to buy it. They decided to solve this problem by brewing their ow… [+ More]

Carver Brewing Company

Carver’s has been offering Durangoans the very best food and brews since 1986. Featuring fresh soups and stews, fresh-roasted coffee and healthy choices for breakfast, lunch a… [+ More]

Steamworks Brewing Company

Warehouse-like, microbrewery with bar style food. Opening its doors to Durango in 1996, Steamworks Brewing Company is a brewpub with award-winning craft beer. Since it is known… [+ More]