Intergalactic Snowdown 2017: A Cosmic Celebration

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Snowdown 2017

Every winter the town of Durango comes to life in February with the Snowdown Festival, a winter celebration filled with fun for the entire family. The Snowdown 2017 event will take place from February 1-5 and the theme this year will be “Intergalactic Snowdown.”

snowdown 2017Last year’s theme was the 1980s, with many revellers showing up with big hair, leg warmers and neon snowsuits. It was certainly less dangerous than the previous theme of Knights of the Roundtable, which encouraged the use of swords!

An Intergalactic Winter Party

Intergalatic showdown 2017

So, what does this theme include? Think Star Wars, or David Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust.” Think the X-files or Star Trek, or the alien sightings at Roswell, New Mexico. Think shiny silver spacesuits or sleek Star Trek uniforms. Anything futuristic, utopian, intergalactic and space-age will fit in just fine.

The events at the Snowdown festival are never the same; they change every year. Some of the quirky events that have taken place in past years include adult broomball leagues, beer pong contests, speed dating, eating competitions, costume contests, and much more.

The Snowdown Parade

The main highlight of the festival is the Snowdown Parade, a thrilling procession of colorful parade floats down the main streets of Durango. The floats light up the night, creating a magical and festive atmosphere.

The festival will include a Durangalactic Parade and the due date to enter your parade float is January 27, so fill out this form if you want to get involved.

The Snowdown Kid’s Follies

The Snowdown Kids Follies is another iconic part of the Snowdown Festivities, taking part every year at the Durango Arts Center. This excellent event showcases performances from some of the most talented young performers in Durango.

This will be the 9th year of the follies and this year’s performances will feature Ballet Durango, Bella Dance Studio, DAC Applause!, Mountain Middle School and many others.

The Snowdown Outlaw Josie Pete Golf Tournament

Another major aspect of the Snowdown Festival is the exciting Outlaw Josie Pete golf tournament. Entry forms to take part in the tournament can be found here. During this fun-filled golf tournament your team is encouraged to dress up in fun costumes and each of the “holes” is located in different bars throughout Durango.

Does your putting accuracy improve when you have had a few beers? If so, this is the game for you. If you don’t feel like playing, you can always tag along just to check out the impressive costumes and cheer on your favourite team.

With these fun events and more, Durango Intergalactic Snowdown 2017 will certainly be out of this world. For more info, check out the official website. Be sure to book your Durango hotel to get the best rates before town books up.