5 Reasons to Plan a Family Trip to a Dude Ranch

Are you looking for ideas for this year’s family getaway? What about a trip to a dude ranch in beautiful Colorado? There are many great places, such as Colorado Trails Ranch, that offer an ideal family friendly vacation.

Here are five reasons to plan a family trip to a dude ranch:

shutterstock_2571459341.) You’ll Learn About the History of the West

What better way to learn about what life was like in the wild west than walking in the boots of a cowboy or cowgirl for a week. Staying at a dude ranch in Durango gives you the chance to experience western traditions such as horseback riding, line dancing and good old fashioned food while learning about the history of the area.

shutterstock_627469872.) You Can Unplug for a While

If your kids are glued to their smartphones, being on a dude ranch without 24-7 access to Wifi is a great chance for them to disconnect from social media and reconnect with family. They might grumble at first, but their days will be filled with hiking, swimming, horseback riding, bonfires and fun-filled outdoor adventures.

shutterstock_3030076343.) There are Activities for All Ages

Unlike being stuck in a hotel room, dude ranches offer a range of activities for all ages. No matter how old your kids are they will find something that interests them on the ranch. Older kids also called “Rough Riders” can enjoy tubing, archery, fishing, riflery or horseback riding while the younger kids or “Buckeroos”can enjoy a variety of arts and crafts, animals or taking riding lessons on a gentle pony. Colorado Trails Ranch in Durango even offers child care if teens or adults want to to take a more advanced daily excursion.

4.) Home Cooked Food

From breakfast to dinner, dude ranches are known for their exceptional quality and wholesome food. Enjoy cook outs around the campfire with sing-a-long and cowboy singer entertainment when your a guest at Colorado Trails Ranch. To see what your’e getting yourself into, check out some of these south-western recipes.

5.) Affordable

durango couponsDude ranches cut out the stress and expense of finding entertainment for the whole family and paying expensive restaurant tabs each day. You can also save money by staying at a dude ranch during the off season. There are a lot of opportunities for great deals, as they offer discounted rates when there are fewer guests. For example, Colorado Trails Ranch in Durango offers a 20% discount from August 28th to September 18th. They also offer the third child for free, as well as vacation discounts for multiple families.

These are just a few of the reasons why you and your family will enjoy a trip to a dude ranch in Colorado. Embrace the lifestyle of the wild west that you and your little cowboys and cowgirls will remember for a lifetime!