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5 Ways to Save Money at a Durango Ski Resort

Hitting the slopes at a Durango ski resort on skis or snowboards is thrilling hobbies – there’s nothing like the rush of cold air in your face as you zoom down a snowy slope. However, it can get expensive. The cost of ski equipment, lift passes and après ski food and drinks at the lodge can really add up to a pricey day at the ski resort. Luckily, there are ways you can cut down the cost of hitting the slopes so that Durango skiing can be more affordable.

Pack a Lunch for the Day

Ski resorts aren’t known for offering cheap food and sometimes taking a break for lunch at the restaurant can really take a big bite out of your wallet. If you have worked up an appetite on the slopes you can fuel up for much less by bringing a packed lunch with you. You can even have a snowy picnic on the top of a hill somewhere, eating your sandwiches and drinking hot chocolate out of Thermos while you enjoy the beautiful view. Some resorts like the Purgatory Resort even have designated picnic areas that create the perfect spot to enjoy a break from the action.

Go to a Smaller Resort

Consider venturing beyond the major resorts and giving a smaller and lesser known resort a try. The prices for lift passes will be cheaper and you are likely to still get a great skiing experience. You might even love the resort so much that it becomes your go-to destination. This is one of the benefits of skiing at the Durango ski resort, Purgatory Resort.

Purgatory Resort

Plan Ahead

If you want to save money on your ski trip, try to plan your getaway as far in advance as possible. Many people wait until the last minute to book, but if you book your ski trip months beforehand when the weather is still warm you can save a significant amount on your lift passes and accommodation. If you need to fly to get to Durango, you will also save money on your airfare by booking in advance. Either way, remember to always check out Durango coupons listed on our site.

Drink During Happy Hour

Having a drink with friends can be a great way to unwind after a thrilling day on the slopes, but sometimes the après ski drinks can be very pricey. The good news is that many resorts will have a happy hour where you can usually get two for one cocktails and discounts on other drinks.

durango ski resort

Pre-Purchase Your Lift Tickets

Buying your ski lift pass at the window when you arrive at the resort ensures that you will be paying the highest price. You’ll get a much better deal if you start your ticket search online, as you will be able to uncover much cheaper online rates. Purgatory Resort even offers discounts if you buy lift tickets for multiple days.

So as you can see, Durango skiing does not have to be as expensive as you think. There are several ways to save money. Keep these tips in mind so a fun day on the mountain is not as pricey on your next visit to a Durango ski resort. Instead, enjoy a day speeding down the slopes for less.

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