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An Adrenaline Junkie’s Guide To Durango, CO

Enjoy these thrilling activities on your next Durango vacation.

Durango is considered a top destination for people who can be described with one specific trait: adrenaline junkie. These are folks who habitually induce a thrill in order to activate the body’s nerve tingling-response to a jolt of activity. Durango is filled with many choices that will engulf your senses and give you a good burn rate on athletic energy.

Top 5 Things To Do

If you're a thrill-seeker, there are specific things to do in Durango that will get your heart beating faster. No matter what season you travel in, you'll find something to satisfy your sense of adventure in and around Durango.

Hit The Rapids

During the warmer months in Durango, rafting the Animas River is a great way to get an adrenaline rush. The Animas River has multiple sections, with the Upper Animas River being known for Class V rapids that are long, difficult and for experienced rafters only. If you're just getting out on the water for the first time, a guided tour with Durango Rivertrippers is the best way to get a great experience.

Durango Rafting

Try Out A Cliff Jump

Adrenaline, Baker's Bridge and Cascade are three cliff jumps near Durango that make up the ABC Challenge. Known for being dangerous and not for the inexperienced, the ABC Challenge these waterfalls near Durango provide a great adrenaline rush and way to cool off in Durango during the summer. If you choose to take on this adventure, know the risks, talk to locals and prepare in advance so you know how to jump safely.

Cliff Jumping

Go Off-Roading

Get off the beaten path and exploree the backcountry with RZR and ATV rentals in Durango. ATV rentals in Durango range from single seaters, double seaters and side by side Razors so you can take on the rough terrain alone or with your friends. The best part of RZR rentals is that they are easy to learn and all levels of experience are welcome to try them out.

RZR Rental Info

Hit The Slopes

As far as outdoor adventures go, skiing is one of Southwest Colorado's most popular activities. Step it up a notch on your next trip and give snowboarding a try. Learning a new sport is an exciting way to experience familiar mountains for an adrenaline junkie. You can start out on beginner trails until you gain confidence, then take on some of the intermediate and advanced options to test out your new skills.

Snowboarding In Durango

Enjoy The Thrill Of Ice Climbing

When Southwest Colorado freezes over, rock climbing turns into ice climbing, a challenging but popular sport for locals and visitors. We recommend taking a class first or going with a guide. Ice climbing requires patience, concentration and strength, plus bravery as you slide across the slippery surface of the ice covered rocks. Test out your agility and strength by ice climbing on your winter Durango vacation.

Ice Climbing

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