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Beginner Mountain Biking Trails In Durango

Where to start if you are learning how to mountain bike in Durango

Mountain biking is an exciting way to explore Southwest Colorado. While it may take some practice before you get to the more advanced trails, there are plenty of beginner mountain biking trails in Durango to start learning on. Visitors can even rent bikes downtown to take on the trails. Durango mountain biking is truly accessible to all people, with all skill levels. If you're just starting out, take advantage of these beginner mountain biking trails in Durango for your first trip.

Horse Gulch

Horse Gulch is a great trail to take if you are just getting your feet wet with mountain biking. It is easily accessed right near downtown, and there are a variety of trails that start at the trailhead, providing great practice opportunities for beginner mountain bikers. One trail in Horse Gulch, Meadow Loop, offers beginner riders a mellow and easy 2.1 mile ride with access to other trails from easy to difficult.

Phil's World

Just 25 minutes from Durango in Cortez, Phil's World offers a desert scape with cool loops. Mountain bikers of all experience levels will enjoy these trails. Because the trail is near the park, bikers will enjoy stunning views of Mesa Verde as well as Sleeping Ute Mountain and the La Plata Mountains. All loops are marked clearly and can be taken at your own pace. Bonus: It's Fido Friendly!

Spirit Trail

If you want to try your hand at singletrack, Spirit Trail is a great place to start. Located on Overend Park near downtown, Spirit Trail features a fun 1.8 mile ride that winds tightly through the sage brush with minimal elevation change. Because of its proximity to town, Spirit Trail is the perfect trail for beginners that are short on time and want to fit in a quick ride.

Mountain Biking Tips

No matter what beginner mountain biking trail you decide to take, make sure you leave enough time to accomplish it all before it gets dark. Expect it to take you longer than approximate times when you are just starting out. Pack plentiful water, sunscreen and snacks for your trip. Lastly, don't forget to bring a map along. If your phone dies, or you lose service, you'll always have directions to look at.

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