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Incredible Colorado Waterfalls Near Durango

Incredible waterfalls to find in southwest Colorado

Southwest Colorado boasts a variety of incredible views, including towering mountains, scenic lakes and even beautiful waterfalls. If you're visiting Durango you are never far away from a majestic waterfall to admire. Colorado waterfalls are each very unique and once you start visiting them, you won't be able to get enough.

South Mineral Creek Falls

Just a short drive from Durango near Silverton, the South Mineral Creek Campground is a starting point to get to the South Mineral Creek Falls. Follow the South Fork Mineral Creek upstream from the campground and you'll quickly stumble upon a Colorado Waterfall known for being surrounded by colorful peaks and great views.

Ice Lake Basin Falls

Located in the same area as South Mineral Creek Falls, Ice Lake Basin offers a beautiful waterfall with two unique vantage points. If you follow the lower trailhead of Ice Lake Basin Trail, you'll see the waterfall from below. Follow the upper section for a view of the basin from above.

Ice Lake Basin

Eureka Gulch Falls

During the late summer and fall months in Southwest Colorado, Eureka Gulch Falls can be accessed from the camping area at the site of the Eureka Mine. This Colorado waterfall has several tiers, but only the lowest of the three is visible due to the surrounding canyons.

Adrenaline Falls

Adrenaline Falls is well known by locals, but seldom stumbled upon by visitors. This Colorado waterfall can be accessed from a primative trailhead on Lime Creek Road. Because it is hard to find, many visitors use the coordinates (37.7057, -107.7519) to help locate the falls. Once you arrive, you'll be rewarded with a massive 15-foot waterfall plus a refreshing swimming hole to cool off in.

Cascade Creek Falls

Cascade Creek Falls is located on the Cascade Creek Trail just a couple miles past Purgatory Resort. The trail has two waterfalls, the smaller of the two can be found by going left at the trail split about a 1/4 mile in. The larger Cascade Creek Falls will be on the main trail and is an incredible 150 foot waterfall that crashes into the creek below.

Treasure Falls

Treasure Falls is a 100 foot waterfall that is easily reachable near Pagosa Springs. You can see it from the parking area, or hike a little to get to the waterfall itself. The trail is only a quarter mile each way. This is a great stop to make if you don't have a lot of time but still want to see one of the incredible waterfalls near Durango.

These waterfalls near Durango are just a short drive away from your hotel in town. Take a day to drive around and explore some of the best outdoor views the area has to offer. For more incredible views, consider tackling a Colorado 14er or seeing the area in a new way on a rafting excursion. The possibilities are endless!

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