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Dog Friendly Hikes Near Durango

You Don't Need To Leave Man's Best Friend Behind To Hike In Colorado

If your dog is visiting Durango with you, you'll definitely want to take to the outdoors and enjoy one of the many dog-friendly hikes in Colorado. There are over 2,000 miles of hiking trails around Durango to explore with your pup. Read up on what you need to know before hiking with your dog then choose one of the hikes below to get started.

Animas River Trail

The Animas River Trail is one of the easiest and closest options if you're looking for a dog-friendly hike right in downtown. The trail entrance is at the intersection of 32nd St. and East 3rd Ave downtown and the trail runs along the Animas River for around 5 miles. Because it is within city limits, your dog will need to remain on the leash at all times. The trail is an easy trek for beginners.

Falls Creek Trail

Falls Creek Loop is a 4.1 mile hike that is just steps outside of town, making it super easy to access. As you hike this trail, you'll pass by old rock shelters and other Anasazi ruins. When you take this hike, be sure to follow the middle trail at the first split and then the main splits the rest of the way. Eventually you will reach a downhill trail segment with incredible views of the waterfall.

Log Chutes #1 & #2

Log Chutes #1 and #2 are two separate hiking loops, each approximately 4 miles long. They can be combined for a longer adventure. These loops are moderate in difficulty and have plenty of beautiful wild flowers in the spring and summer seasons. If you're looking for a forest hike, Log Chutes are a great option. The trail has varying terrain to tackle, with some steep rises.

McCullough Gulch Trail

McGullough Gulch Trail is a fun adventure for you and your pup if you've already got a little bit of experience under your belt (or collar!) This trail runs alongside creeks and lakes, with waterfall views along the way. It is a difficult but rewarding 6.2 mile trek. While hiking, many find the altitude change a challenge. Be prepared for these obstacles.

Colorado Trail

When choosing a hike to take with your dog, you can never go wrong with picking a segment of the Colorado Trail. Different sections feature different attributes- some with pretty mountain views, others with abundant forest and wildlife and some with waterfalls, creeks and more. The best part about this option is that you can choose the distance you want to go, proximity to Durango and difficulty.

You are not limited when it comes to dog-friendly hikes in Colorado. With thousands of miles of hiking trails in the state and plenty in southwest Colorado, you'll never run out of great options.

*Every year the Bureau of Land Management Colorado implements seasonal closures of trail access across the state to reduce disturbance to wintering wildlife. These closures usually take place between December & April. Please see BLM Colorado's interactive map of seasonal closures before planning your outdoor activities.

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