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Durango Activities & Outdoor Adventures

Durango.com is your guide to the outdoor adventures and the activities that await you. Camping in the San Juans, fly fishing in the Animas or biking on the hundreds of miles of trails and roads, Durango, Colorado is your home for outdoor adventure. You’ll find numerous options of outdoor activities including skiing in Durango CO, horseback riding, hunting, kayaking, rafting, hiking and rock climbing.

Whitewater Rafting

Rafting the Animas River in Durango offers thrilling excitement that only charging through the wild waters of Coloroado can provide. Swept down from the snow-capped peaks of the mountains, the rushing waters of the Animas and its tributaries make rafting and kayaking in Durango an experience like no other.


Durango Biking

Whether you are a professional downhill racer or a roadie, Durango, Colorado is your home to world-class riding. From the world’s best single track mountain biking and road biking to down hill riding, and fat tire fun, Durango, Colorado has over 2,000 miles of trails and hundreds of miles of road for your riding pleasure.


Go Fishing

The clear, cold waters of Durango promise challenging angling for vigorous trout. For the casual fisherman, the waters of the Animas flowing through downtown Durango promise fishing. Serious fishing expeditions can take anglers deep into the mountains in search of the cool headwaters where trout thrive.


Horseback Riding

Horseback riding in Durango has become a very popular outdoor activity. Durango offers plenty of horseback riding options from one hour rides to entire day trips. You will find a number of great places that offer guided horseback rides for beginning riders, children and experienced riders.

Horseback Riding


Looking to make a splash in Durango? Consider kayaking the Lower Animas River. This spirited stretch of water is essential to the Four Corners Region’s culture and heritage – and kayaking offers a great adventure for those seeking to paddle, spin and surf their way down these “Gold Medal Waters.”


Rock Climbing

Durango bouldering, rappelling, top-rope, or free ascent abounds. There’s plenty of rock for all your climbing needs in the Rocky Mountains of Durango. Many popular areas for rock climbing are near Durango, making it the ideal place to stay for your rock climbing adventures.

Rock Climbing


Snowmobiling in Durango, Colorado is one of the best ways to get the full backcountry experience without having to trudge through miles of snow on your own two feet. You get to soak in all the excitement and beauty of the Durango, Colorado mountains in a fast-paced and exciting adventure.



Camping in Durango, Colorado is very popular whether you camp in the nearby San Juan National Forest or in one of the many campgrounds and RV parks the area has to offer. In addition to full service campgrounds, Durango offers opportunities for backcountry camping. The nearby San Juan National Forest is one of the most popular Durango camping destinations.


Hike The San Juans

The Durango area boasts literally thousands of miles of incredible hiking trails. Choose from trails that promise an enjoyable afternoon stroll, or for the more ambitious, seek out a trail that clambers across the rugged peaks of the Rocky Mountains. Both new seasoned hikers will find something to suit their hiking desires in Durango.



The wilderness surrounding Durango is vast, supporting a large population of wild game like elk and mule deer as well as elusive quarry such as bear and mountain lion. Durango offers an array of outfitters ready to equip hunters for what many call the best elk hunting in the Western states. Your options include hunting public lands like the national forest or finding a customized experience at a game ranch.


Skiing & Snowboarding

For nearly half the year, Durango becomes abustle with skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts, and for good reason. The steady supply of snow in Durango coupled with the excellent winter sports terrain makes for phenomenal slopes. With breathtaking scenery and professional skiing operations like the Durango Mountain Resort, Durango is consistently honored as one of the best places to ski.



Ziplining is a great way to explore the mountains and tap into your adrenaline reserves. You won’t find a better destination to zip through the sky. A vacation in Durango is mostly spent outdoors. The beautiful weather provides sunny days that are perfect for every outdoor activity imaginable.


No matter what adventure you choose to do while visiting Durango, you will find the atmosphere to be warm, friendly and authentic. Durango.com is your guide to the outdoor adventures that await you. Anytime you visit Durango, you will find plenty of things to do.

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