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Durango Art Galleries

Durango art galleries are a free, fun way to explore the culture and history of southwest Colorado. Local, national and international artists contribute beautiful, intricate pieces to the area's galleries for display and purchase. By taking a walking tour of these spaces and exploring the art inside, you'll get a glimpse into the area in a new way while supporting these artisans and their work.

Studio & Gallery

1027 Main Ave

Studio & Gallery brings together an art studio, gallery and retail space where 5 local artists create and display their works and the works of a variety of other artists. The gallery has no rules, so the art on display ranges from drawings, to paintings to archives of music. There are also live musical performances in their Listening Room.

3 min walk

Featured from Studio & GalleryStudio & has a section dedicated to records and CDs available for purchase from local musicians. The Music Section was a response from the artists when Durango’s local record store closed.

Toh-Atin Gallery

145 West 9th St

The Toh-Atin Gallery showcases Native American and Southwest Art to paint a picture of the history of the Southwest for visitors. Pieces highlight Southwest culture, traditions, art and more. Many pieces of Native American art, including paintings, Pueblo pottery, jewelry and more are available to admire and purchase. .

next door

Featured from Toh-Atin GalleryMany pieces displayed and for sale are collaborations between the gallery and Native American tribes and artists.

Earthen Vessel Gallery

115 W 9th St

Earthen Vessel Gallery focuses on handcrafted contemporary gifts and art. Pieces in this gallery come from small studios all across America. Local artists contribute beautiful pottery, household items, paintings and more inspired by Southwest Colorado. Earthen Vessel's pieces make for great collection items, but they are also amazing gifts to give to friends who love Southwest Colorado. You'll find works from over 100 artisans inside this space.

2 min walk

Featured from Earthen Vessel GalleryEarthen Vessel originally opened as a pottery shop in 1976. It expanded over time, but to this day 99% of what you will find in the store is handcrafted.

Sorrel Sky

828 Main Ave

Sorrel Sky is a combines an incredible art exhibition gallery with educational information, interior design consultation and other resources to help you perfectly decorate your own space. Owner Shanan Campbell displays art that combines the historic Southwest with contemporary styles. She has also established an exclusive partnership with Ben Nighthorse Jewelry.

next door

Featured from Sorrel Sky GalleryShanan Campbell, the owner of Sorrel Sky, worked for the Smithsonian Institution in product development licensing prior to opening her own studio.

Diane West Jewelry & Art

820 Main Ave

Diane West Jewelry & Art specializes in one-of-a-kind, custom pieces. This gallery has a collection of beautiful contemporary art, unique wedding rings and a wide variety of jewelry. Pieces at this gallery come from local and nationally owned artists. The gallery has a knowledgable group of staff on site to help you find pieces that fit perfectly into your life, whether you are looking for jewelry to gift or art to complete your home.

1 min walk

Featured from Diane West Jewelery & ArtDiane West personally meets or virtually corresponds with her clients to create custom engagement rings and wedding bands that match your personalities and dreams.

Azul Gallery

791 Main Ave

Azul Gallery displays eclectic decor, glass objects, paintings, pictures and more to browse and purchase. This work not only features art from local and national artists, but also pieces from international creators. The environment inside of Azul is bright, lively and friendly, with pieces that reflect this environment and break the norms of what you expect from art.

1 min walk

Featured from Azul GalleryAzul Gallery is known as a “multimedia art gallery.” A multimedia gallery is one that involves a very diverse collection of art, including forms such as visual, non-visual, dance, music, etc.

Wildshots Gallery

738 Main Ave

Wildshots Gallery is one of a kind and features work from local artist Claude Steelman. Steelman uses his gallery to showcase his award winning, outdoor focused photographs. Steelman's images of mountain lions, bald eagles, wolves and more are stunning displays of what he sees on his travels throughout the west. He has also created five books, produced nature documentaries alongside wildlife filmmaker Dieter Plague and several independently that have been featured on the Discovery Channel, PBS and National Geographic.

1 min walk

Featured from Wildshots GalleryGallery owner Claude Steelman has had three of his photographs wrapped onto the tails of Frontier Airline’s planes.

durango art galleries

Scenic Aperture

708 Main Ave

Scenic Aperture is a nature photography gallery in Durango. Photographs feature scenes and wildlife from across North America taken by local photographer Frank Comisar. Scenic Aperture is unique because they also offer photography workshops to help you hone your own skills, with morning and afternoon shoots available, classroom sessions to provide education and plenty of opportunities to develop your creative skills.

1 min walk

Featured from Scenic ApertureWhen owner Frank Comisar isn’t traveling North America for photography, he can occasionally be found wandering the gallery and is happy to answer visitor questions.

Karyn Gabaldon Fine Arts

680 Main Ave

Karyn Gabaldon displays her own contemporary landscapes in her fine arts gallery in Durango. Her paintings are acrylic with additional touches of glass, pottery, sculpture and jewelry. She also adds an Asian touch to each of her works. Pieces from other artists and craftspeople rotate through frequently, creating an ever-changing display of art.

Map of Durango art galleries

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