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Local Fly Fishing Experts & Guide Service

923 Main Avenue, Durango, CO 81301 | (970) 385-4081 | duranglers.com

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Since 1983 Duranglers has been the region's source for custom guided fly fishing trips, equipment, flies and information. Our fly shop is located in beautiful Durango Colorado within easy access of some of the best and most diverse fishing in the nation.

An Interview With Duranglers

How did you get started in Durango?

In the late summer of 1983 my business partner (John Flick) and I had both been laid off from jobs in NM. I took the time to wander around Southwest Colorado and do some fly fishing. In the course of the wandering, I spent some time in Durango and really connected with the place. Seeing that there was no fly fishing shop or guide service to speak of in Durango, John and I decided to take a shot starting our own business. And, since we both knew fly fishing and the area held such great potential, Duranglers was born, circa December, 1983.

Your guided fly fishing trips sound really great! Explain what a day of fly fishing with Duranglers would consist of?

A day of fly fishing with Duranglers starts, typically 7:30 or 8 in the morning, with a meet of client(s) and guide at our shop. The guide will get a feel for the client’s interests and expectations for the day and discuss the various options (venues) for fishing. Since we guide anywhere from the San Juan Quality Waters in northern NM to the high mountain creeks of Hermosa, Cascade and Lime to the Piedra to the east and the Dolores to the west, we strive to match the clients interests with the experience we will provide.

After getting licenses and equipment, if needed, it’s off to the river/creek for a day of education and fun. Depending on the water and client’s wishes we may be floating the river in a drift boat or wading. The guide handles all of the rigging, fly selection, positioning of the client and will provide instruction as to casting, line management and fishing in general, if appropriate. Of course, netting and fish handling and picture taking if needed are usually handled by the guide as well. A break for the guide provided lunch around mid day is followed by an afternoon of more fishing, then back to the shop late afternoon.

Where are the best fly fishing places in Durango and when are the best times for fishing?

In this area we are fortunate enough to be able to fly fish year round. We have the luxury of the San Juan Quality Waters below Navajo Dam in northern NM. Being a tailwater fishery with water released near the bottom of the dam, the water is around 42 degrees year round. This means the fish are actively feeding all the time and susceptible to being caught. The Animas through the town of Durango is a very good fishery that offers good fishing for most of the year.

The only difficult times for the Animas is during the high water of runoff and the times in the winter when we get slush ice in the River. The high mountain creeks of Hermosa Lime and Cascade come in around the first of July and fish well till early November. The Piedra is good from early June to late November. So, you see, there are many great places to fish in about an hours drive of Durango and for much of the year. We like to say the best time to go fishing is whenever you can.

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923 Main Avenue Durango, CO 81301

(970) 385-4081

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