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Durango Dog Ranch Summer Tours

Scooter & ATV Dog Tours For Your Summer Trip

You may know Durango Dog Ranch for their winter dog sledding excursions around Southwest Colorado. Did you know that they also have excursions that allow you to explore with the dogs during the spring and summer months? One of the best parts of visiting the Durango Dog Ranch is that no matter what time of year it is, you can see the sled dogs in action.

Durango Dog Ranch

About The Dog Ranch

The Durango Dog Ranch is a family business, owned and operated by Gregg & Gretchen Dubit for over 25 years. Durango Dog Ranch has been called one of the “Top Ten” things to do in Durango by Sunset Magazine and reviewed in Frommer’s as a “Must Do” under Colorado Getaways. They offer a variety of experiences, including kennel tours and excursions based on the season.

Durango Dog Ranch

Scooter Tours

During the summer, enjoy a dog scooter excursion with your group. When you arrive, you will take a kennel tours to meet and learn about the dogs. Then, you'll have to make sure you meet the weight requirements and can pass an agility test. When everything checks out, you'll each get your own scooter and be roped to a sled dog. Hold on tight and take a scenic ride on the property with views of the La Plata Mountains.

Durango Dog Ranch

ATV/Cart Tours

If you are interested in a summer tour but don't meet the weight or agility requirements for a scooter, ATV and cart tours are available. Get together with a group of 4-5 riders and enjoy a quick trip pulled by sled dogs through the property. You'll get the same great views as the scooter tour, with an easier ride accessible to people of all ages.

Whether there's 4 feet of snow outside or it is 80 and sunny, the Durango Dog Ranch offers opportunities for you to interact with real sled dogs and take exciting excursions. Enjoy breathtaking views while watching the dogs do their best work on your next trip to Durango.

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