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Cannabis Edibles In Durango

Where To Find Them & When To Use Them

Ah, Durango: the land of breathtaking mountains, rich Western history, outdoor sports and, of course, cannabis dispensaries. Here in Colorado, the medical and recreational marijuana industry has taken off in a big way, and Durango dispensaries are keeping up. Edibles in Durango are very popular, and can be a lot of fun when used properly and safely. But if you’re visiting Durango and you want to join in, you might be a little overwhelmed at first. This guide to edibles will help you make informed decisions during your visit and get the best out of your cannabis experience.

What's An Edible?

Cannabis edibles are continually growing in popularity. At any given Colorado dispensary, you can find edibles in the form of chocolates, cookies, gummies, mint, drinks and a variety of candies. But what, exactly, is an edible? It’s a potent treat made through infusing food with cannabis. For many who dislike smoke or prefer to consume marijuana in a different form, edibles are a great alternative to buying flower. They’re very potent, and can help with pain.

If you want to try some of the finest treats in Southwestern Colorado, check out the Durango Rec Room edible selection. There’s lots to choose from, and the knowledgeable, friendly staff can help you make a great decision. Before you head down to the Durango Rec Room, the Colorado GrowCo or Santé to pick out your treats, though, you should make sure that you choose the right product in the right quantity.

How Much Is Okay To Consume?

The biggest mistake people make in consuming cannabis edibles is simple enough: they eat too much, and when the effects of the cannabis kick in, they’re left feeling paranoid and very, very uncomfortable. Why? Well, when you eat cannabis, your body takes a bit of time to metabolize the food. Unlike smoking marijuana, where you’ll feel the effects immediately, you have to give your body time to absorb the THC. Depending on the rate of your metabolism, it could take anywhere from one to three hours to kick in.

Cannabis edibles sold at Durango dispensaries can come in single servings or in packages containing up to 100 milligrams of THC. Canisters of gummies like Cheeba Chews, or packs of Mountain High chocolates will contain 10 edibles, which makes it easy for you to stick to the serving size. Keep in mind, when you’re preparing for your recreational adventure, that a designated serving size is 10 milligrams. Even if you’re a seasoned cannabis consumer who’s visited many Colorado dispensaries, you should still start small. Remember, it’s better to stick to the recommended dose than have a stressful experience. If you’re choosing to eat cannabis rather than smoke it, patience is key.

What Is CBD?

You may have heard of CBD and its effects, and most Durango dispensaries offer edibles that contain CBD. CBD, or cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, which means it doesn’t alter your mood or perception in the same way that THC does. CBD provides some sedative and pain-reductive effects, and when used in tandem with THC, can help with chronic pain. So if you want a little relief from your days on the Colorado ski slopes, you might want to think about picking up some cannabis edibles containing CBD.

Not All Edibles Are Created Equal

When you eat a chocolate bar or a brownie, it takes your body longer to process the cannabis than it does to process, say, a mint, which dissolves quickly on your tongue. So if you’re looking for a slow burn, something rich will do the trick. If you want something a little more fast-acting, grab a pack of mints or a tincture. Tinctures, in fact, can help you with dose control, since each drop contains a very small amount of THC (usually about one to two milligrams).

Tinctures are sold in small bottles with a dropper, and you can put a few drops in a drink, or simply drop them under your tongue. If you’re unsure about your tolerance or are new to recreational marijuana and want to take it slow, tinctures are a great way to keep from consuming too much cannabis.

How Long Do The Effects Of Edibles Last?

After smoking marijuana, you’ll probably be feeling the effects for three to four hours afterwards. However, when you consume a cannabis edible, the effects can last for up to eight hours. So before you grab some local products, make sure you’re prepared to feel the high for most of the day. And remember - you can’t drive if you’ve consumed any cannabis at all in a day. But if your plans include strolling around scenic downtown Durango, grabbing some great local food, taking a stroll along the Animas River or enjoying a nice long hike in Horse Gulch, an edible is the perfect choice.

Sativa vs. Indica: What's The Difference?

When you stroll into a Durango dispensary in search of some edibles, you’ll be faced with the question of strains. If you’re visiting Colorado for the first time, you might not know the difference between sativa and indica. These two basic types of cannabis can create two different effects, at least according to most consumers of recreational marijuana.

Sativa strains are generally thought to provide more cerebral effects, and any Durango budtender will tell you that it’s a more energizing high. Indica strains are thought to be more relaxing, and often good for kicking back with friends or drifting off to sleep. Hybrids are often available too, and your budtender will likely have helpful recommendations. So, when you choose your edibles, keep your daily activities in mind in order to fine-tune your experience, whether you’re planning on hiking through the mountains of Southwestern Colorado or simply gazing at them in admiration.

It can’t be denied that recreational marijuana is a component of Colorado tourism and of Durango culture. Trying cannabis edibles can be a lot of fun, and can open you to new sensations, as long as you make sure you consume it with knowledge and precaution. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be ready to stroll into any Durango dispensary and feel the elevation.

Tyler Rice, owner of Animas Marketing, is a digital marketing professional that specializes in small business growth. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. When out of the office, you can catch him mountain biking, playing the banjo, reading, or hiking in the beautiful San Juan Mountains. If you are looking for a great licensed marijuana dispensary in Durango, Tyler recommends the Durango Rec Room!

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