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Durango FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Durango, Colorado

How do I find cheap hotels in Durango?

To find a cheap hotel in Durango, CO at the last minute, visit our monthly deals page or our coupons page. Hotels in Durango offer competitive prices and can offer you a great last minute deal.

What is the weather like in Durango?

Durango is situated in the area of transition between the semi arid mountain valley and the arid mountain peaks. Summer temperatures range from 70 degrees Fahrenheit to a high in the 80s while winters range from 10 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. For more weather information, visit the Durango weather page.

Where is the closest airport?

Is driving around Durango recommended for visitors?

It is completely up to you! Having a vehicle will give you the chance to explore everything you want to see in Durango and the surrounding towns. A vehicle will also give you the flexibility to go on scenic drives to the mountains, make a day trip to Purgatory Resort, or visit other attractions. You can also travel by hiking, horseback riding, biking, or even rent an ATV. And don't forget, the famous Durango Train!

However, it is good to keep in weather and road conditions when planning your trip. If you visit in winter months and are hesitant about driving in snow, it may benefit you to read some of the winter driving tips provided by AAA. You can also follow @ColoradoDOT on Twitter for updates on road conditions.

If you do not feel comfortable driving or want your eyes to enjoy the scenery more than the road, there are also other transportation options.

Is Durango family friendly?

Absolutely! The outdoors are great for everyone in the family: young, old, two legged, four legged, you name it. In fact, Durango’s lodging, restaurants, and attractions have a wide range of accommodations. Check out our blog Kid Friendly Durango, Pt. 1: Packing List.

Is there a lot of wildlife in Durango?

Yes. Wildlife is very special to Durango and surrounding towns. Whether it is a mama black bear playing with her cubs, a moose cooling off in the Animas, or a herd of elk trekking through the snow, we hope everybody gets the chance to see wildlife on their trip to the mountains. But we also ask people to please respect the animals’ space in nature and remember that nature is their home. It is important to be educated about wildlife safety so both you and the animals can have a positive experience were you to encounter one another. Start by learning ways to reduce risk and reading our blog on bear safety in Durango.

Where can I work out?

Several hotels and cabins have complimentary exercise rooms available for guests. So if you are visiting, check which amenities your lodging facility offers. Weight Training Facilities are also available at the Durango Community Recreation Center, 2700 Main Avenue. The Recreation Center includes a gymnasium, a leisure recreational pool, a lap pool, fitness center, climbing wall, jogging/walking track, racquetball courts, babysitting, and community meeting rooms. We encourage calling for hours of operation and entrance fees.

Durango Community Recreation Center
2700 Main Avenue
Durango, CO 81301
Phone: (970) 375-7300

Can you explore in old mines?

No. Not only are old mines dangerous and not advised to explore, but many old mines are also often on private property. Now, don’t be discouraged if exploring a mine is on your Durango bucket list. The Old Hundred Gold Mine Tour is a great alternative for seeing mines. These guided tours are safe, adventurous, and give you the opportunity to see real mining in action! Find out more in our blog.

How do I save money when I visit?

There are a ton of ways to save money when you visit Durango. The best way to plan a budget friendly trip to Durango is to utilize the coupons and deals we post on our site. Be sure to check back regularly because we are constantly updating discounts and posting monthly Hot Deals that will help you save on hotels, restaurants, and more. Learn more ways you can see Durango without breaking the bank.

How do I stay updated on what is happening in Durango?

That is easy! Stay connected with us and we will update you on local news, weather, events, specials, and more. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and share photos with us on Instagram.

Don’t have social media? That’s okay! You can always sign up for our newsletter that updates Durango fans biweekly about what is going on in our special mountain town. As you can see there are a ton of ways to stay updated on the fun and beauty taking place in Durango.

What are the pot laws in Durango?

It is important to know before you go! While marijuana is legal in the state of Colorado, there are marijuana laws that you must follow.

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