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Durango Independent Film Festival

Film is a vibrant medium and a very powerful way to tell a story. Cinema has had a huge impact on Durango culture for many decades. The annual Durango Independent Film Festival is a great way to celebrate and showcase new independent films. This event is an exciting way to see over 100 new independent films.

The Festival is Back!

The Durango Independent Film Festival is a mix of documentaries, short films, dramatic films, narrative features and more. The event takes place in the beginning of March each year, and it has been one of the biggest events on the Durango cultural calendar for over a decade. This year, the event celebrates its 18th anniversary!

Event Info
Durango Independent Film Festival

Watch in Theaters, or At Home

This year, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, you can enjoy the film screenings in the theatrical setting, or from the comfort of your home. There are multiple ticket options available to choose from which will allow you to choose the best experience for you.

Ticket Information

This year there will be six options for tickets to the event. There is an unlimited All Festival pass that will allow ticket holders to immerse themselves into the complete film festival experience, and includes in-person and virtual options. There is also a virtual pass that allows you to experience 10 program presentations virtually. Follow the link to see more ticket options.

Ticket Information

Film Festival Venues

Films are screened at three different locations in Durango. Visitors will attend shows at the Animas City Theatre, Gaslight Twin Theatres and Durango Stadium 9. Additional events, including festival parties, panels and workshops are also held at various locations around Durango. An updated listing of 2022 event locations will be made available as information is released.

Durango Independent Film Festival

Free Movie Night

The first night of the festival every year is a free movie night. Tickets are not required to attend the films on this evening. Entry is first-come, first-served for all attendees, even pass holders. This event takes place after the festival kickoff party that is open to pass holders. If you are in Durango during the festival, but did not have plans to attend, this is a great free way to get involved.

More Information

Thinking about heading to Durango for the annual Film Festival? Check out a list of hotels nearby. To get updated information about the festival, check out the film festival's event page.

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