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Durango Information

Durango CO Information including travel, weather, FAQ, history & Durango train information. You will find all of the Durango information you need right here. Visitors to Durango Colorado take on the adventurous spirit of the wild west. No matter what you choose to do while visiting Durango, you will find the atmosphere to be warm, friendly and authentic. Durango.com is your guide to the city and the adventures that await you. Check out our information about Colorado and Durango right here and start planning your vacation today!


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Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Adventures in Durango

Biking the Iron Horse Classic, skiing at Durango Mountain Resort, fly fishing in the Animas, or biking on the hundreds of miles of trails and roads, Durango, Colorado is your home to world class adventure.

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Durango Travel

Travel to Durango

Durango is easy to reach by road on two major U.S. Highways. From the west or east, visitors can arrive in Durango on U.S. Highway 160, a road once known as the Old Spanish Trail. From the north or south, visitors can arrive on U.S. Highway 550.

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Getting Around Durango

Getting Around in Durango

The lovely town of Durango, Colorado is nestled on the shores of the Animas River, where the U.S. Highways 160 and 550 meet. The city is very walking-friendly, as it covers only around 5.6 square miles of land. What is more, many of the unique shops, restaurants, adventure tour headquarters, and the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad are located in the downtown district along Main Avenue. Where Main Avenue and 14 th Street meet southward all the way to where Main Avenue and 5 th street merge is considered downtown Durango.

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Durango FAQ

What worship services can I attend? Where is there a movie theater? Where is there a 24 hour pharmacy? Where can I buy groceries? What is the weather like? When planning a vacation in Durango or the Four Corners area, many common questions cross visitors’ minds.

Durango FAQ

Durango Weather

Climate and Weather Information

Durango sits at 6512 feet above sea level and enjoys an ideal four-season climate with moderate temperatures year-round. Durango winters are usually mild and sunny with temperatures staying between 10 and 50 degrees. Despite Durango's snowfall averages about 71" each year, snow removal is manageable because Durango is sited in a low, sun-drenched valley. Spring brings warmer weather and rain (annual precipitation of 19" per year). Summer temperatures seldom climb more than the high 80s and rivers and reservoirs stay relatively full in summer, filled by melting snow from deep winter snows in the San Juan Mountains. Fall days are comfortably cool and dry, the perfect time for a mountain hike or a drive on one of the area’s Scenic Byways.

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Durango Railroad

The Durango & Silverton RR

The Durango and Silverton Narrow Guage Railroad has been carefully preserved through the years, and today it pulls passengers between Durango and Silverton in open air gondolas and enclosed coaches behind steam locomotives powered by coal from local mines. The scenery is known throughout the world because of the many movies filmed on location on the historic line.

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Downtown Durango

Historic Downtown Durango

A stroll down Durango’s Main Avenue is a sensory treat: the Colorado air is crisp and subtly scented by restaurant and café delicacies; on most days the sun streams through the streets, intensifying the colorful store-front awnings and highlighting the neighboring mountain ridge. Streets are a bustle with commerce and visitors mingling in every-day transactions. Smiles and friendly greetings are commonplace along the downtown’s Main Avenue, where it is safe to walk and explore at all hours, day and night.

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Durango CO History

Durango History

Known for its historic aura, Durango's biggest tourist attraction is the town itself. Located in the mountainous region of Southwest Colorado, Durango is situated at an elevation of 6500ft. Durango means "water town", and was so named because of the beautiful Animas River which flows through the city. Durango, unlike many other towns in the western US, was not founded as a result of pioneers looking for gold. In fact, much like today, the town was based around the railroad.

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Durango Relocation Guide

Durango Relocation Guide

Are you thinking of relocating to Durango? If so, we have put together a relocation guide that may be quite useful to you. It contains some great information on area schools, banks, utilities, our climate and even more!

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Durango in Movies

Durango and the Silver Screen

Since 1925, nearly 30 films have been filmed on location in and around Durango, Colorado. Durango’s sunny and warm weather, coupled with fantastic scenery and the historic Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad make the city of Durango the ideal location for movie making. Durango’s debut on the Silver Screen was in 1925 with the film Ticket to Tomahawk, a railroad western that closely paralleled Durango’s own wild west history. The film featured drama of the old west, focusing on a railroad and a stage coach line competing for business.

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Durango Special Events

Durango Special Events

Special events in Durango are both unique and varied. In addition to the live performances that enliven Durango on a regular basis, annual events promise festivities to look forward to every year. Events like the annual Cowboy Gathering, Railfest, Holidazzle, and Snowdown offer a true taste of Colorado.

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Durango Agritourism

Ranching and agriculture are the cornerstones of Durango heritage. Durango is bursting with fresh local ingredients, craft beers, wines and coffees. Sample "all things local" from artisan chocolates to the finest meats, herbs, and breads. Independent restaurants and gourmet groceries attract visitors from all over the world. Cheese makers and vineyards lure travelers to the Durango countryside for a sipping and sampling vacation that is out of this world.

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