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Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Best SUP Spots In & Around Durango

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is one of the fastest growing sports in the world – and Durango. A stand up paddle board is a great way to play on the water – offering a full-body work out and a fun adventure! Learn more below.

What Is SUP?

Stand up paddle boarding, or SUP, lets you stand on a floating board as you paddle over the water. Balance is important. Because you’re standing up, SUP gives you a great vantage point to see what’s in the water below. This makes SUP a perfect way to experience the Animas River, Vallecito Lake and Lake Nighthorse.

Lake Nighthorse

You’ll need a few pieces of equipment to enjoy SUP. Your Durango SUP outfitter can help you get all the equipment you need to enjoy a day out on the water. You’ll need:

  • A stand up paddle board. You can rent a stand up paddle board from a several Durango outfitters. Renting a paddle board makes it easy to experience the sport.
  • A paddle. An SUP paddle looks like an elongated canoe paddle. The proper size paddle is easy to determine. It should be wrist high when standing with your arms above your head.
  • A personal floatation device. A personal floatation device (PFD) keeps you safe on the water when stand up paddle boarding. The U.S. Coast guard counts stand up paddle boards as vessels, you’ll need to at least have a PFD on board when you’re enjoying SUP.
  • Proper clothing. What you wear to SUP depends on the time of year. You might choose to wear a wet suit if the weather or water are cooler. During the summer months, you might be comfortable wearing shorts or even a swim suit!
  • A leash. A leash keeps you connected to your board in case you capsize or lose your balance. There are lots of different kinds of paddle boarding accessories to keep you safe and help you transport your paddle board.
  • Sun protection. It’s important to protect your skin when you’re enjoying the great outdoors – even from a SUP. Keep your skin safe by slathering on the SPF before you go out.

Where To Stand Up Paddle Board In Durango:

You’ll find a few places to stand up paddle board in Durango. Popular places include:

Animas River

You’ll find several access points for SUP along the Animas River in Durango. There are 8 Animas River access point for water activities (including SUP) in Durango. These include Santa Rita Park, 33rd Street, 29th Street, High Bridge, Dallabetta Park and more.

Animas River

Lake Nighthorse

Durango’s newest spot for SUP, Lake Nighthorse is located about two miles southwest of Durango. Lake Nighthorse covers about two square miles, giving you tons of space to practice and enjoy SUP. Mondays and Wednesday are non-wake days on the lake. Entry fees are $8 for cars and $3 for walk-ins.

Lake Nighthorse

Vallecito Lake

This Durango area lake is a popular spot for water sports, including SUP. You’ll find Vallecito Lake nestled in a beautiful valley, making it worth the trip. You can launch your SUP from the public boat ramp here. No matter where you chose to SUP in Durango, you’re sure to have fun experiencing crisp Colorado water in a whole new way!

Vallecito Lake

Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals in Durango

You’ll find places to rent SUP equipment dotted all over Durango. Your Durango stand up paddle board rental will include most of the equipment you need to enjoy a day out on the water. Common options vary from 2 hour excursions to full day adventures. If you’re new to SUP, you can opt to choose an outfitter that offers instruction to help you get started. If you’re experienced with SUP, you can select equipment rental only.

Regardless of the rental option you choose, you’re sure to have an adventure to remember when you stand up paddle board in Durango. Start planning your next Durango adventure today!

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