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Durango Rock Climbing

Best Crag In Durango & Where To Start

Durango Rock Climbing

Interested in Durango rock climbing this year? The Rockies didn’t get their name because they are a bunch of smooth rolling mountains. Rocks, rocks and rocks, that’s what they are! Where else would you want to go for a rock climbing expedition? With new faces to climb every time you open your eyes, Durango is an avid climber’s heaven. The Durango area has many opportunities for exploring and practicing the sport of rock climbing. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced climber, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Where To Start: X-Rock

The sport of rock climbing has gained wide popularity in recent years. Durango has a number of popular local climbing areas that are close and accessible. By far the most popular area is X-Rock, which is named for the unique rock which has a large, natural “X” on the front face. The cliffs in this area provide many excellent novice and intermediate climbs. X-Rock is located just north of city limits at approximately 38th and Main Ave. It is clearly visible from Hwy 550 North, to the west.

East Animas Area

The East Animas Area includes climbs are longer and more numerous than at X-Rock. The area provides beautiful views of the Animas Valley and La Plata Mountains “The Watch Crystal”, as it is known by local climbers, provides some of the best climbs in the Durango area. To find the climbing area on drives North on County Road 250 for 2 miles north of Florida Road (15th street at Main Ave.) Find a small parking area across from the Fraser Ranch. From there it is a steep uphill climb to the cliffs. The trail begins and crosses private land, so please, be respectful of that privilege.

Best Crag In Durango

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