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Durango Train: Classes & Seating

Which Train Car Is Right For You?

So you’ve decided which Durango train ride you’d like to book. Now you need to figure out which class you’d like to enjoy during your ride on the Durango Silverton train. From opulent Presidential class cars to a simple, standard ride, you’ll find you have many options when it comes to Durango Silverton train classes. Can’t decide which class to take when you embark on the Durango train? Check out the guide below. Find what’s best for you and make your train ride one to remember! Remember, no matter where you sit on the train, you can plan for spectacular views.

Durango Silverton Train Standard Class Seating

Open Air Gondola Car

An open air Gondola car, which features open sides with a covered roof. You’ll get unobstructed views of the San Juan Mountains and plenty of fresh mountain air. You’ll want to dress in layers when riding in an open gondola car, as temperature can shift 10-20 degrees as elevation changes. You’ll also want to be mindful that your clothing might get cinder on it as you travel in an open gondola car.

Vintage Closed Train Car

A vintage closed train car features an enclosed car and standard class seating. Seats are forward facing and are arranged similarly to an airplane’s coach section. The car features big windows, so everyone will have a great view. This is the only train car that features a wheelchair accessible restroom and lift service, so if you will be traveling with a passenger in a wheelchair, be sure to call ahead to ensure that there is room for your party.

Durango Silverton Train Deluxe Class Seating

A step up from standard class seating, deluxe class seating offers roomier seats and outstanding views. Additionally, everyone traveling in a deluxe class car gets a souvenir mug! Important note: If you’ll be traveling with little ones take note, deluxe class seating on the Durango train is limited to those ages 12 and up.

Rio Grande Train Car

The Rio Grande Train Car features open air seating facing the open windows for great mountain vistas. Seats are large and overstuffed for comfort in this fantastic family friendly atmosphere. The Durango Silverton train recommends passengers wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from possible cinders in the air. Safety glasses will be available for purchase in the gift shop on the train as well.

Durango Silverton Train First Class Seating

There are 4 train cars featuring first class seating on the Durango train. Some cars feature age restrictions, others are open to all ages. First class seating cars include:

Silver Vista Car

The Silver Vista Car features a glass roof for 180 degree observation of "unparalleled overhead views of the soaring canyon walls." This car is limited to those ages 12 and up. This car also features open air sides, so you can get fresh mountain breezes as you chug along, but be sure to dress for unpredictable mountain weather. The Silver Vista car features the most legroom of any car on the line, and a private outdoor viewing platform is also exclusive to this class.

Yankee Girl Parlor Car

The Yankee Girl Parlor Car, featuring opulent details of the Victorian era, was named after the largest mine in the Red Mountain Mining District. Built in 1880 and heavily remodeled, the car's design is focused on the old-fashioned flair of the 1880s mixed in with the comfort & conveniences of the 21st century. The Yankee Girl Parlor Car features an attendant to serve drinks and answer questions about the car, train and mountains. This car is limited to those ages 21 and up.

Alamosa Parlor Car

The Alamosa Parlor Car features table and chair lounge seating with an exclusive outdoor viewing platform for the car's maximum 24 passengers. This car is limited to those ages 21 and up. A car attendent will be on duty to provide you with complimentary non-alcoholic beverages or serve you from the Alamosa's cash bar, as well as answer any questions you might have about the scenery, history, or legacy of the Durango Silverton train.

Knight Sky Car

The Knight Sky Car allows riders of all ages. Reclining seats let you kick back and relax. When riding in the Knight Sky Car, you’ll be treated to a mug, morning pastry and non-alcoholic beverages served by an attendant. Riders also get a Durango Silverton train tote bag with their fare. This car has windows and operating heat during the fall and winter seasons, but the windows are removed during the summer months to provide a first class open air experience.

The Prospector Car

The Prospector Car also allows riders of all ages in an upscale coach atmosphere. Table seating offers the most room for families traveling together, making this a top pick for a first class family adventure. An attendant is on hand to answer questions. Riders get a souvenir mug and complimentary beverages with their fare. A unique feature of this train car is the map of the train’s route illustrated on the car’s ceiling, letting you watch your progress as you travel along.

Durango Silverton Train Presidential Class Seating

If you’re traveling with adults and want a true luxury train experience, opt for one of the Durango train’s two Presidential Class Cars. The deluxe Presidential Class Cars include:

Cinco Animas Car

The Cinco Animas Car, decked out in exceptional Victorian style, features two elegantly appointed seating areas: built in Pullman berth seating, or seating in the Observation Parlor Room, where you can enjoy views from the rear of the car. A private attendant and full cash bar help keep things classy aboard the train. A large outdoor viewing platform lets rides take in the splendor around them. This car is available during the summer.

The Nomad Car

The Nomad Car was originally built in 1878. Experience the grandeur and history of the era in this train car, featuring a private stateroom along with distinctive forward and rear Pullman seating areas. An attendant and cash bar keep riders comfortable, and a large viewing platform is there for open air mountain views. The Nomad is not currently operating on any regularly scheduled trains.

Regardless of which class of seating your chose for you ride, the Durango train offers an unforgettable experience. Learn more about the Durango train and book your next railroad adventure today!

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