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Durango To Silverton: A Guide To Getting There

5 Ways To Make The Trip From Durango To Silverton

Silverton is a popular day trip destination for visitors to Durango. Located approximately 50 miles from downtown, it offers a wide variety of outdoor activities and events that attract visitors looking to get out of town for the day. There are plenty of ways to get from Durango to Silverton if you have activities planned in the nearby town.

Drive The Million Dollar Highway

US Highway 550 is also known as the Million Dollar Highway. A stretch of this route will take you straight from Durango to Silverton in just over an hour. While it is a tricky road, it offers beautiful views of the nearby mountains. There are also plenty of places to stop and explore along the way, including the historic Durango Hot Springs.

Million Dollar Highway

Hop On The Train

One of the most popular ways to get from Durango to Silverton is by taking the Durango train. The train operates on different schedules seasonally and sometimes there are even exciting events taking place on board or in Silverton. The train makes it easy to have a perfect, painless trip. No need for maps, directions or a GPS, just hop on board and enjoy stunning views on a historic train.

Train Info

In addition to train rides, the Durango Train offers a shuttle option for visitors who wish to ride the rails one way. Mix it up by booking a package that lets you take the train up to Silverton and return to Durango on a bus, or vice versa.

Rent A Jeep

If you flew into Durango, don't have a car or are just looking for a more exciting ride, Jeep rentals are a great option for exploring. You can rent a Jeep for anywhere from a half a day to 5 days. This flexibility leaves you plenty of room for exploring Durango, Silverton and everywhere in between. Take your time driving up the Million Dollar Highway and really enjoy the views and stops along the way.

Jeep Rentals

Take A Hike

Adventure seekers with a little more time on their hands will enjoy hiking from Durango to Silverton. While it is quite the trek, seasoned hikers can make the trip on foot to really get out and enjoy nature. If you're less experienced or just want to hike a shorter distance, the railroad offers wilderness access train rides that will drop you at a flag stop between Durango & Silverton where you can start your trek.

Hiking Info


Just as you can drive the Million Dollar Highway, you can also bike it. At approximately 50 miles with around 6,000 feet climbed along the way, it makes for a challenging ride for advanced bikers. Plan ahead and bring plenty of water and snacks for this trip. You'll want to stop along the way and take in all of the sights. You are also able to bike the Colorado Trail if you are hoping for more of a mountain biking experience.

Biking Info

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