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Durango Weed Laws & Policies

A Guest Blog From Durango Insider Tyler Rice

Regardless if you are a visitor to Durango, Colorado or a local, it is important to understand the Durango weed laws & policies while enjoying pot in a legal and safe environment.

Buying & Selling Weed

You must be 21 to buy, consume, or have recreational marijuana and it is a felony to give or sell to anyone under the age of 21. For recreational use, it is only legal to buy from a licensed retail marijuana shop and adults over the age of 21 can possess up to 1 oz of pot at any given time.

Durango Dispensaries

It is illegal to be under the influence of marijuana while operating a motorized vehicle. However, it is legal to have up to 1 oz of recreational marijuana from a licensed marijuana shop, Durango pot shops, in a sealed container.

Can I Smoke in Public?

The public use of marijuana of any form (smoking, vaping, eating) is illegal in public places. This includes both outdoor and indoor areas such as concert venues, restaurants or bars, sidewalks, parks, ski resorts, and communal areas of apartments or condominiums. The use of pot is still illegal under the federal law so make sure you are not using on any federal land! (Much like ski resorts or national forests.)

So Where Can I Use Marijuana?

Marijuana use is legal on private property and in the comfort of your own home (assuming that if you are renting, the landlord allows the use of cannabis in the house.) If you are staying at a hotel, make sure that it is allowed in the designated smoking rooms since hotel owners can ban the use and possession of marijuana on their properties.

Marijuana Laws

Where Can I learn more or Marijuana Laws and Use in Durango Colorado?

Check out the state laws on marijuana use at Colorado.gov or the local laws in Durango. Now that we covered some of the laws on cannabis use in Colorado, let’s talk about marijuana etiquette. Here is a little more information on the use of pot in Durango, CO.

Marijuana Etiquette

There are a few good points to consider if you are new to pot use with your friends. This is going to cover some of the basics to get you started.

Don’t Bogart That Joint!

Many times (on private property,) people enjoy sharing a joint with their friends. It is improper to hold the joint for too long while rambling or taking more than two puffs before passing to the next person. While this is not set in stone, make sure you are not the one telling a long story while bogarting that joint!

Don’t Hassle Someone To Partake

Not everyone wants to consume marijuana and that is perfectly fine! There is no reason to give anyone a tough time about consuming marijuana. Not everyone feels the same way about marijuana and it is important to make people feel comfortable when around it.

No Seeds Or Stems

While it is rare to find seeds from any marijuana from a licensed recreational dispensary, keep in mind not to smoke the stems! Easily, remove the stems, and place them in any compost or trash located nearby.

Offer a Guest the First Hit

While it is not commonly required, it is always a kind gesture to offer someone else the first hit of cannabis.

Don’t Blow Smoke In Someone’s Face

When smoking cannabis, always keep in mind where you are blowing the smoke since someone else may not want your cloud in their face.

Make Everyone Feel Comfortable

Like mentioned earlier, not everyone has to partake in marijuana use and make sure that you make everyone feel welcome and happy. Polite manners and friendly conversation goes a long way!

Don’t Pass A Cashed Bowl

If you are passing a pipe with marijuana in it, make sure that you are not passing a bowl that is already finished. Simply knock the ash out of the bowl or ask someone to help you clear the pipe.

Don’t Share When You’re Sick!

If you are sick in any sort of way, make sure that you let the group know so that you are not sharing the same smoking device as others to possibly get them sick.

Have Fun & Be Safe

Always remember to stay safe and to never consume more than you can handle. Remember that marijuana use is a fun activity on private property. Be friendly to everyone and have fun!

Tyler Rice, owner of Animas Marketing, is a digital marketing professional that specializes in small business growth. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. When out of the office, you can catch him mountain biking, playing the banjo, reading, or hiking in the beautiful San Juan Mountains. If you are looking for a great licensed marijuana dispensary in Durango, Tyler recommends the Durango Rec Room!

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