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Free Camping Near Durango

Boondocking and Dispersed Campsites In Southwest Colorado

Free camping isn't hard to come by around Durango if you know where to look. Get off the beaten path and enjoy a weekend away in the wilderness. Check out these places that offer free camping near Durango.

What To Expect

On your search for free camping near Durango, the first thing you'll want to remember is to be flexible. The sites below have been reviewed by visitors and are not always guaranteed to be accessible or open. Do your research and have a few in mind to check out when you arrive. Some of these sites are great for boondocking, or RV camping without hookups to electricity, water or sewer, while others are best for only tent camping.

Cherry Creek Gravel Pit

Cherry Creek Gravel Pit is open whenever the road is accessible, which means it may be blocked by snow during winter months. It is easy to access and just 100 yards from a paved road. At this location, RVs are allowed as well as tent camping. There is ample space for biking, hiking and more, as well as horse trails nearby.

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Bay City Campground

Bay City Campground is a great location for free camping near Durango. It is on a paved road and accommodates RVs up to 15 feet in length. This location allows guests to stay up to 14 days and is not accessible by larger rigs.

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Miner's Cabin

Miner's Cabin is a free camping area located on a gravel road. Unlike most free campsites, it does have access to a toilet and fire pits are available. RVs up to 35 feet in length will fit in this area and can stay up to 14 days.

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Barnes Mountain Boondock

Barnes Mountain Boondock is located near the Las Animas overlook. It offers several dispersed campsites for visitors. The area is typically accessible after Memorial Day and allows camping for up to 14 days. As with all places offering free camping near Durango, it is first-come first-serve.

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Missionary Ridge Road

Camping is allowed on Missionary Ridge Road after 3.6 miles in. There are no amenities available but this area offers small RV camping, tent camping and car camping. Pay attention to signs along the way to ensure you are not on private land.

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San Juan NF Road 599

Dispersed camping is allowed within 300 feet of open forest roads. San Juan NF Road 599 allows free camping beginning in May. If there is snow on the road, dispersed camping is not allowed.

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Durfield BLM Boondocking

Durfield BLM Boondocking is located on a dirt road and offers a few dispersed campsites. This location is typically open from May to November and allows campers to stay up to two weeks. It is ideal for RVs (no hookups offered) or car & tent camping.

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