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Grassburger: American Eating Made Better

Grassburger is an award winning burger joint in Durango. They are well known for serving up classic American food and experience with a twist: Everything is clean and better for you and the environment. Read on to learn more about the mission of this Durango restaurant.

About Grassburger

Grassburger Durango is most well-known for, you guessed it: Their burgers. They are open year-round with a newly expanded outdoor patio space for warmer days. They offer dine-in, take-out, delivery and even have a catering truck to bring their delicious eats to your next event.

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Ethical Eats

Grassburger's goal is to take the American experience of eating a burger and make it better for you and the environment. They get all of their burger meat from grass-fed cattle that are never confined, fed antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones and are humanely certified. They even participate in a Biofuel program that converts used oil into power for local farm trucks.

Grassburger's dining experience is completely environmentally friendly as well. They use recycled paper products and biodegradable containers, plus reusable serving trays and utensils. The team at Grassburger has worked hard to provide a dining experience that both you and the environment will appreciate.

Vegetarian & Vegan Options

Not a fan of a classic burger? Grassburger has options that are vegetarian and vegan friendly to cater to your needs. If you're searching for an option similar to a burger, the black bean burger will satisfy your tastebuds. To switch it up completely, give the Southwest vegan bowl on a base of quinoa and rice a try. If you have questions about any of the menu items, ask any of the team members at Grassburger for help.

Pet Friendly Patio

Grassburger is a great stop for anyone traveling with man's best friend. Their newly expanded outdoor seating includes a dog-friendly patio space. At Grassburger, dogs are welcome to hang out on the patio and enjoy the summer sun right alongside you. Whether you're just passing through and need to make a quick stop with your dog or you're sticking around for a while and want to hang out, your dog is welcome at Grassburger.

Pet Friendly Patios In Durango

On your next trip, be sure to stop by and give Grassburger Durango a try. They have everything you need to fuel up for a day of adventures at local attractions or in the great outdoors.

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