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Hot Springs Near Durango

Warm Up At A Durango Hot Spring

It's practically a surreal phenomena: Imagine sitting outside in your swimsuit as the snow silently falls around you while a hot spring's healing waters keep you warm and toasty. It doesn't have to remain surreal; it can become real. You can easily make this breathtaking scenario come true at one of the hot springs near Durango.

Skip the crowds at Steamboat Springs and soak in everything the hot springs near Durango have to offer. Slide in and get the information you need to make a visit to one of Durango's hot springs part of your next Southwest Colorado vacation.

What is a Hot Spring?

By definition, a hot spring is a spring where geothermal heated water bubbles up through the Earth's crust. Many hot springs feature temperatures that rise above our body temps at 98.6 degrees, making many of them warm, relaxing places to kick back and relax. The water in a hot spring has a high mineral content, which both science and folklore suggest brings healing properties. These healing properties, combined with the relaxing allure, make Southwest Colorado's hot springs a popular destination for tourists in need of a little rehab or R&R.

Durango Hot Springs

Open to the public year round, Durango Hot Springs is the perfect place to kick back and relax. Located just seven miles north of downtown Durango, this breathtaking facility features hot geothermal springs, spa services and lodging. Durango Hot Springs offers two therapeutic hot springs pools and more. This is a family-friendly destination, with something for everyone to enjoy.

Durango Hot Springs

Hot Springs Near Durango

There's more to the mountains around Durango than skiing and adventure. The hills of the San Juan Mountains are also the perfect place to relax. One way you can relax in the mountains of Four Corners region is in a hot spring.You'll find a few options for enjoying hot springs near Durango. Here's a rundown of a few of the places where you can enjoy a hot spring around Durango.

Pinkerton Hot Springs

Located just off Highway 550, Pinkerton Hot Springs is truly a sight to behold. This picturesque geologic formation is a sightseer's and photographer's dream, as the rich minerals give the spring a technicolor appearance. You won't find a pool or a spa here, but you will find a little bit of history. According to tales passed down, Pinkerton Hot Springs was discovered in the 1880s by early Durango settler James Pinkerton. Rumor has it that starlette Marilyn Monroe even bathed in the springs here a few times.

In 2001, the Colorado Department of Transportation reversed the flow of the spring to protect area vegetation. This has caused rocks to form with a colorful appearance. Though you won't find any swimmable pools here today, it is a perfect place to explore and take some photos when you're on the way up the the Purgatory Resort.

Pagosa or Ouray

If you're willing to take a day trip away from Durango to explore the region's hot springs, consider making a trip to nearby Pagosa Springs or Ouray. Both destinations offer several springs to sample, letting you enjoy some serious R&R before heading back to Durango. Pagosa Springs is just a quick hour-long ride from Durango, while you can plan on spending 2 hours in the car to get to Ouray. Springs to check out in Pagosa include Overlook Hot Springs Spa and The Springs Resort and Spa. While in Ouray, check out Ouray Hot Springs Pool, Wiesbaden Hot Springs and Lodging, and Twin Peaks Lodge and Hot Springs.

If you are looking for things to do on your next Durango vacation, make most of your time by enjoying some well-earned rehab and relaxation at a hot spring. For the ultimate relaxing vacation experience, book a stay at a bed and breakfast, spend your afternoon sliding into a healing hot spring, and then enjoy a filling meal at one of Durango's great local restaurants to end your day.

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