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Top 4 Sights On A Jeep Tour In Durango

A Great Way To See Some Of The Best Views In The Area

Anybody who knows Durango can recognize our iconic skyline offered by the La Plata Mountains to the West. The peaks offer a beautiful backdrop to our wonderful town, but have you ever ventured out and explored them? If you go on an adventure up La Plata Canyon just passed Hesperus, the rugged roads would so prove too difficult for most everyday drivers and their vehicles. Fortunately, there are plentiful Jeep Tour options that can uncover all the awesome spectacles and vistas that Durango’s surroundings have to offer.

Fall Colors

From September to October, autumn’s beauty comes to Durango. Peaking around the end of September, the turning leaves cast the mountains in unique and unforgettable light. The vast aspen groves famously sport fiery shades of red, orange, and yellow that seem to shimmer in the sunlight as the leaves quiver in the breeze. A Jeep adventure below the tree line will immerse you in this incredible fall spectacle, and expose you to mountainsides painted by Mother Nature herself.

Summer Colors

Not to be outdone by fall, summer offers its own colorful display to experience. Peaking in July, the alpine wildflowers are a sight to behold all along the hillsides and covering the mountain meadows. Brightly painted Larkspur, Indian Paintbrush, and Colorado Columbine are just a few of the many varieties of flowers that you can spot along the roadside as you make your way up to higher altitudes.


Keep your eyes peeled on your adventures because there is abundant wildlife to spot. The mountains in Southwest Colorado are home to some amazing fauna. Deer, birds, elk, mountain goats and black bears are some of the more common wildlife species you may have a chance to see in these mountains. Among others, Bighorn sheep, mountain lions and moose are seen on rare occasions. A jeep tour is the ideal way to observe these beautiful animals in their natural habitat.

View From The Notch

The Notch Trail is a 2.5-mile trail located near Durango that provides amazing high-elevation views. While it’s a bit difficult to access this sight ordinarily, a 4x4 vehicle will allow you to make it to the top with ease. This peak is known for the epic views out of the La Plata Mountains and is at its best from March to October. Take advantage of this way to be on top of the world and be fully immersed in the mountains with all they have to offer.

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