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4×4 Jeep Trail Tours in Durango

Durango Jeep trail tours offer enjoy breathtaking views, wildlife, majestic waterfalls, mines, and fully enjoy Colorado at its finest. These guided 4x4 jeep tours in Durango are an excellent opportunity to explore areas that are hard to reach. Leave the driving to local guides and relax while we show you hidden gem and secret spots of the San Juan Mountains. You will see why we offer the BEST Durango Jeep Tours in town.

Package your Jeep tour with one of our whitewater rafting trips for a full day of adventure in Durango, Colorado.

4x4 Jeep Trail Tours


Twilight 4×4 Jeep Trail Tour

2.5 Hours

Book our twilight tour and experience the majesty of the La Plata Mountains near Durango, CO at one ...


Guided 4×4 Jeep Trail Tour

3.5 Hours

Get off the pavement and on the back roads on one of our guided Jeep trail tours. On our Jeep Trail ...


Silverton 4×4 Jeep Trail Tour

3.5 Hours

Looking for a memorable experience of beautiful mountains around Silverton? Our Jeep Trail tours are...


Rafting + Twilight Jeep Package

6.5 Hours

This adventure combo takes you by river and jeep to see the breathtaking scenery of Durango, CO. Sta...


Rafting + Jeep Trail Tour Package

5.5 Hours

Enjoy a 3.5 hour 4×4 tour on Jeep trails of Durango starting at 8:00 am until around 11:45 am. Then...


Private Jeep Trail Tour for 4 (5 hours)

Discover the amazing landscape of Durango in a private jeep tour. This private tour can be customize...

4×4 Jeep Trail Tours in Durango: FAQ

What Will We See On A 4x4 Durango Jeep Tour?

Our Durango offroad tours travel through La Plata Canyon and ascend toward the Kennebec Pass. Along the way, you will discover the old ghost town of La Plata City, an early mining town established in 1875. View the old framework of the town, its foundations, and even its chimneys left behind.

What Will We See on a Silverton Jeep Tour?

Our Silverton offroad tours travel along the scenic byway from Durango to picturesque Silverton, Colorado. We will stop at our office in Silverton for an orientation before boarding our open-air 4×4 where you will explore Colorado’s pristine high country. This tour travels through Picuayne Gulch then drops down California Gulch as we head to the mining ghost towns above Silverton, CO.

Along the way, discover the famous old ghost town of Animas Forks, an early mining town established in the 1800s. View the old framework of the town foundations and even go inside the old buildings. Get exclusive access to our own private mining claims during the tour. In addition to the local lore, you will experience breathtaking views, wildlife, waterfalls, and more.

Why Choose Durango Rivertrippers?

As one of Durango's very first rafting and outdoor adventure companies and more than 35 years of experience, we prioritize safety and fun. Our untarnished safety record will ensure that you and your family and friends enjoy a memorable adventure in Southwest Colorado.

4×4 Jeep Trail Tours in Durango Overview

TypeLocationTimeframe Price
Guided 4×4 Jeep Trail TourDurango3.5 Hours $89
Private Jeep Trail Tour for 4 (5 hours)** $499
Rafting + Jeep Trail Tour PackageDurango5.5 Hours $121
Rafting + Twilight Jeep PackageDurango6.5 Hours $109
Silverton 4×4 Jeep Trail TourSilverton3.5 Hours $89
Twilight 4×4 Jeep Trail TourDurango2.5 Hours $69

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