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Marijuana Laws in Durango: What You Need to Know

FAQs & Details About Colorado Weed Laws

On January 1, 2014 the state of Colorado began to allow the sale of recreational marijuana to anyone over the age of 21. It was the first state in the USA to open recreational marijuana stores and the first location in the world where the sale of marijuana is regulated from seed to smoke.

Do Not Smoke and Drive!

While you can legally consume marijuana in Durango, make sure that you don’t get behind the wheel after doing so! Impaired driving is dangerous and you will receive a ticket if the levels of THC in your blood are higher than 5ng. Penalties can range from a fine to a possible jail or prison sentence. Keep these tips in mind and you can enjoy marijuana safely and responsibly during your trip to Durango.

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Durango Marijuana FAQ

If you are planning a trip to Durango, Colorado and you think you might want to indulge in smoking this chilled out plant during your visit, it is important to know how the local laws work. Here are some answers to some of the frequently asked questions about marijuana laws in Durango.

1) How Much Marijuana Can I Buy?

If you are over the age of 21 and you are a Colorado resident with valid ID, you will be able to purchase up to an ounce of Marijuana at a licensed store. If you are just visiting Colorado you will be able to buy a quarter ounce.

2) Are There Recreational Marijuana Stores in Durango?

Yes, there are a few spots in Durango where you can buy marijuana. The Greenery is a great place to start, as it offers high quality strains. The staff are welcoming and friendly and they can help to explain the product to first time buyers. They also sell marijuana in edible format so that you can make some baked goods that will get you baked.

Other great shops to check out in Durango include the Colorado Grow Company, Durango Organics, and Sante Alternative Wellness.

3) Can I Share it With a Friend?

A joint is better when it is shared and you can feel free to pass it to your buddy. Sharing up to an ounce of cannabis with your friend is allowed as long as no money is exchanged.

4) Where Can I Smoke?

You will not be allowed to smoke in public or in the pot shop. The Clean Indoor Air Act prohibits smoking in most public establishments. You can smoke in private properties, as long as you have the permission of the owner. Some hotels will allow it, so you should ask your hotel before you decide to smoke.  

5) Can I Carry the Marijuana in My Car?

Yes, you will be able to carry marijuana in your car - but it cannot be carried in an open container and you are not allowed to take it across state boundaries.

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