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Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde, meaning “green table,” is in south west Colorado. When visiting Durango or any area near Four Corners, make time to see the amazing archeological sites of the Puebloan people who lived in this rugged land for over 700 years. Along with touring 600 preserved cliff dwellings, Mesa Verde National Park offers countless adventures (click here for hours). Visit Durango and this beautiful national park for tours and an unforgettable experience! From here, explore park fees and reservations, history, nature information, campgrounds and reservations!

Mesa Verde National Park Tours

There are plenty of ways to explore the Mesa Verde National Park along with numerous tours to choose from. You might choose one of the popular ranger-guided tours or you might want to explore at your own pace.

Mesa Verde Tours

Mesa Verde Information

How much does the park cost? When does the park open? What facilities are available? What are our lodging options inside the park? Can my pet come? What can we eat? Are there any restrictions we need to know about before coming? Where are there souvenirs? Can we meet a park ranger? What is the temperature range? Are there any road closings or vehicle restrictions?

Mesa Verde Info

Mesa Verde Nature Information

Whether it’s flora or fauna that calls your name, Mesa Verde National Park offers visitors fascinating encounters with the natural world. From prairie dogs to mountain lions to blue-gray gnatcatchers, the wildlife living in this scenic habitat will keep your eyes busy! Don’t forget the countless varieties of flora such as junipers and lupines that spread themselves over these hills.

Nature Info

Cliff Dwellings in Mesa Verde

On June 29, 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt established Mesa Verde National Park as the first park dedicated to preserving the works of man. The amazing cliff dwellings left behind after the Pueblo people’s long stay open your eyes to an earlier time.

Cliff Dwellings

Mesa Verde Activities

Hiking, scenic drives, guided ranger programs, museums, restaurants, camping, photography, and plenty of other activities abound inside the park’s perimeter. Mesa Verde offers visitors enjoyment around every corner.

Mesa Verde Activities

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