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Off Road Durango: ATV & Jeep Rentals, Popular Destinations & More

Experience Durango in a new way on an off roading excursion in your own private rental Jeep.

Get away from the crowds and take your trip into your own hands in Southwest Colorado. Go on an off road Durango excursion to switch things up. Off roading is a great way to see new areas of the town. Check out the different ways to off road near Durango, pick a trail that matches your experience level, then get out and explore.

ATV & RZR Rentals

When the weather is nice and you're looking to take an off roading adventure in Durango, rent an ATV or RZR for a unique excursion. These vehicles are perfect for taking on the rugged terrain you'll find in southwest Colorado. Choose between a 2, 4 or 6-hour rental. RZR's can come with 2-4 seats, so they are perfect for a solo adventure, couples getaway or even a family trip.

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Jeep Rentals

Take a Jeep out exploring for the day, or even multiple days. Bring your own or rent one locally. There are flexible Jeep rental options to choose from. Take out a Jeep Wrangler JK or a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon for an off roading experience unlike any other.

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4x4 Guided Tours

If you're not comfortable taking the wheel on an off road Durango adventure, Durango Rivertrippers offers guided 4x4 tours of Kennebec Pass. These tours can be part of an awesome discount package to help visitors enjoy all that Durango has to offer on a budget. Leave the driving to the pros and see the sights of southwest Colorado on your next trip.

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Where To Go

Once you've picked the perfect vehicle for your off road Durango adventure, you'll need to figure out where you want to go. There are plenty of places to off road in Durango that have cool sights and views along the way. Check out some of our favorites below.

Animas Forks

Animas Forks is a "ghost town" about 12 miles above Silverton where the 3 forks of the Animas River meet. This drive is excellent for 4x4 off road vehicles, with incredible views of wildflowers and a waterfall along the way. The 9 mile ride leads to the remnants of an old mining town with 12 buildings still standing.

Animas Forks

Black Bear Pass

Black Bear Pass is a challenging off road Durango experience. The trail leaves from Highway 550 and is two ways, however if you continue on at the top there is a one-way with switchbacks and steps as an alternate way to descend. If you take the more challenging descent you'll be rewarded with views of Bridal Veil Falls, but do not attempt this route if you are not experienced in off roading.

Stony Pass

As one of the longest 4x4 roads in the area, Stony Pass is perfect if you want a longer off roading experience. At the summit you'll find wildflowers, small creeks, waterfalls and more. The road is rocky, narrow and sometimes washed out. Some of the highlights of this ride including a sighting of the Old 100 Mine and the Buffalo Boy Tram tower.

La Plata Canyon

La Plata Canyon is a great off road Durango experience to take 4x4s or RZRs on. If you're just starting out on exploring off-road, this is a great route to take. Along the way there are old mines and milling sites, wildflowers, abandoned buildings, campsites and trails. While there are some steep climbs, this drive is manageable for a first time off road experience.

Ophir Pass Road

Ophir Pass Road is another great option for beginners as you learn to properly off road. With a summit at 11,789 feet, it's one of the highest 4-wheel drive roads in the area. At the summit, you'll be treated to views of Lizard Head Peak and San Miguel valley.

Imogene Pass

This off road trail reaches over 13,000 feet in elevation, making it the highest pass in the San Juans. With more difficult terrain, steep drop-offs and stream crossings along the way, you'll want some experience under your belt before you take on this drive. Imogene Pass is known for it's incredible scenic views and is often looped with Ophir Pass Road.

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