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Exploring The Old Hundred Gold Mine

A Unique Mining Experience Just A Short Drive From Durango

Southwest Colorado offers a variety of unique experiences to visitors. One that is unrivaled and quite literally one of a kind is the Old Hundred Gold Mine. This hidden gem is located just a short drive from Silverton, Colorado and offers visitors a chance to experience mining in action. Head 1/3 mile deep into Galena Mountain and see for yourself what the life of a gold miner was like.

Mine History

The Old Hundred Gold Mine was completely functional from 1872 when three brothers began work on the Number Seven vein. The mine was sold to the Old Hundred Mining Company in 1904. It was lucrative until 1908 when it appeared to be completely mined out and was sold back to the Neigold brothers. Over time, new owners would attempt to work the mine but came up empty. It was abandoned and eventually turned into a site for tours to educate visitors on mining.

Mine History

Getting There

The Old Hundred Gold Mine can be accessed in several ways. First, visitors can make the short drive in a car or RV from Durango. The ride will take around one and a half hours and visitors will be able to see the beauty of the area as they drive. Another option is to take the Durango Train from downtown Durango to Silverton and book a shuttle over to the mine.

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Touring the Mine

Once you arrive, you'll hop into a vintage electric powered mine train in a "man-trip" car that was used at Camp Bird Gold Mine. From there, you'll feel immersed while you learn about a day in the life of a gold miner. Mining demonstrations, colorful mineral and crystal sightings and a view of the 1904 Old Hundred Boarding House will fill your tour. No reservations are needed for tours.

Gold Panning

Every tour includes a gold panning experience where visitors can pan for copper, silver and gold in a sluice box. If you don't know what to do, your guide will be on hand to show you what to look for. Everyone gets to keep what they find, so look hard and see what you discover.

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Mine Schedules

The Old Hundred Gold Mine is open from May-October. During "peak season" from June-August, tours depart every hour between 10 and 4. Off-peak tours depart every 90 minutes. Be sure to check the Old Hundred Gold Mine website before your trip to ensure that it is open with a trip time that fits your schedule.

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