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Kid Friendly Durango, Pt. 1: Packing List

When planning your next family vacation to kid friendly Durango, CO, what to pack will be in the forefront of your mind. Here is a list of suggestions of what to pack for kids when visiting kid friendly Durango.

kid friendly durango

First Aid Kid

Packing a first aid kit is essential when traveling with kids. While we hope it will never have to be used, it is always good to pack one just in case. Band-Aids, antibiotic ointment, gauze & tape, Benadryl, Ibuprofen, a small pocket knife, Hydrocortisone cream, and an instant cold pack are just some of the items to pack with traveling with kids.

kid friendly durango

Snacks & Drinks

Little bodies need to be fueled often, so packing snacks like fruit, nuts, mini bagels, granola bars, small packages of pretzels & crackers, fruit snacks and individual packs of cookies will help curb their appetites and save money on the way. Also, pack plenty of fluids like bottled water sports drinks and juice pouches as the climate it dry and you need to stay hydrated to avoid altitude sickness.

kid friendly durango


With all the toys, snacks and various items you’ll be toting around during your adventures in Durango, it is always smart to bring a sturdy, comfortable bag in which to carry everything. Be sure to save a little extra room for a few souvenirs!

kid friendly durango

Books, Toys & Games

There will be times when you are traveling and it can get a little boring for the little ones. Let them choose a couple of books, colored pencils and a coloring book to take with them on the road. If you are bringing handheld devices like iPads or Nintendo DSIs, be sure to pack the charger.

kid friendly durango


Packing the right amount of clothes and different types depends on what you’ll be doing on your trip! While the day time in Durango can get hot, the evenings tend to cool down. Be sure to pack a sweatshirt or fleece as well as a rain jacket for unexpected showers.

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