Pet Friendly Hotels in Durango

Wanting to take a family vacation to Durango this summer? Not sure where to go because of your pet? There are many pet friendly hotels in Durango, CO. No one likes to have to board your furry friends at an animal shelter. Half the fun of a vacation is having them tag along! Well, guess what? You’re in luck!  

Pet Friendly Hotels in Durango, CO

Comfort Inn & Suites Durango

The Comfort Inn & Suites is located near the famous Historic Downtown Durango. This 100% non-smoking hotel is minutes from all the great area attractions… [+ More]


Rochester Hotel

Downtown, Luxury Accommodations in the Spirit of the Old West. The historic Rochester Hotel, built in 1892, offers 15 luxurious rooms with high ceilings and… [+ More]


Best Western Plus Rio Grande Inn

Experience the adventure of the Southwest while based at the Best Western Plus Rio Grande Inn. Located in Historic Downtown Durango, just steps away from the… [+ More]


Hampton Inn

Hampton Inn® Hotel in Durango is within easy reach of all major attractions. Bask in the natural beauty and adventures of the southwest. Explore the eclecti… [+ More]


Doubletree Hotel On The River

Doubletree Hotel Durango, nestled in the Mountains of Durango Colorado, is “picture perfect” in every way. Service, value and all the comforts of… [+ More]


The Strater Hotel

Built in 1887, the Strater is just 2 blocks north of Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad in Downtown Durango and 1 hour east of Mesa Verde National… [+ More]


Homewood Suites

The beautiful all suite hotel is perfect for your Durango adventure. Built in a mountain lodge style, The Homewood Suites in Dura… [+ More]


With this list of pet friendly hotels, what’s stopping you from taking that dream vacation? Don’t waste a minute and plan your trip with pet friendly hotels in Durango, CO!

Summertime is the time to hit the road again and see all the beautiful places you have been craving to visit. If you are a pet owner, probably your trip will be incomplete without your four-legged best friend. Just the way you make plans for yourself, you should treat your pets the same way and think about your comfort and safety. It’s a good idea to spend some time in advance to ensure your next trip is the best one of your life. There are many hotels and pet friendly restaurants in Durango that will welcome your pets just as much as you.


4 Tips For Traveling With Your 4-Legged Family

1. Plan Ahead of the Time

Planning a trip, especially when you are carrying your pets, is important because not all places are pet-friendly. Wherever you are going, you must research if the place allows you to take pets everywhere or at least to most places because you can’t leave your pets alone in a strange and new place. Durango is a pet-friendly place with lots of parks and play areas. You can easily find a pet friendly hotel in Durango where you can stay and they will be loved on by a warm and friendly staff.

2. Prepare Your Pet for the Trip

Your pet should be ready for traveling. First of all, you need to ensure the pet is healthy so you both can have a great time, or else it will be an energy-draining experience. You need to think about the safety so a microchip is essential. If it doesn’t have a microchip, use a tag on the collar with relevant information which includes your contact details. Other than your phone number, you can also mention where you are staying. Always carry a first aid box with you so you can handle any emergency case. Durango is one of those towns where you can easily find a vet, but still it’s important to carry a first aid box. Some grooming supplies and toys are a great addition to the kit.

3. Fasten the Seat Belt

Most pet experts suggest using the both harnesses and seat belts to ensure safety of your pet, during a trip. Pups and cats love to curl on your lap but it’s not encouraged as it’s not safe. Remember, if your dog is not secured in his place, its safety is at risk and it can also cause hassle for you and other passengers. A crate can be used as well but it’s not as safe as a seat belt and harness.

4. Take Regular Breaks

It’s true that pets, especially dogs, like to travel but they might not have the same adventurer spirit like you, so take regular breaks when traveling with them or else they will get tired and their energy level will go down. Treat them nicely and offer them food and water if you have been engaged in any physical sport, such as running or hiking with them. Ensure they get proper time to sleep during the trip. Their sleep cycle is longer than yours so take care of it.