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Durango Bike Rentals: Roll E-Bikes & Stand Up Paddle Boards

Roll E-Bike & SUP Rentals provides visitors with two easy and great ways to get out and explore in Durango. Read on to learn all about their Durango bike rentals and stand up paddle board rentals and how you can take advantage of them to feel like a local on your trip.

Durango bike rentals

Roll E-Bikes & SUP Rentals

Roll E-Bike & SUP Rentals is a unique business in Durango that brings solar powered electric bikes right to your door and paddle boards right to the river to meet you. They will deliver E-Bikes to hotel, vacation rental, VRBO, Airbnb, or a home residence within 10 miles of Durango. SUP are delivered inflated and ready to use to the Animas River at Oxbow Park.

About Roll
Durango bike rentals

E-Bike Rentals

E-Bikes are a great way to get around Durango and explore like a local. Bikes can be rented for 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours and special pricing is available for groups. Roll E-Bikes are equipped with Pedal Assist, which provides power while you pedal, and Throttle Mode, which allows you to pedal along or just kick back and enjoy the ride. E-Bikes are allowed on roads in the bike lane and on the Animas River Trail.

Durango bike rentals

Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals

In addition to Durango bike rentals, Roll also offers SUP rentals throughout the summer season. These paddle boards are intended for use on the calm section of the Northern Animas River, the Oxbow Park to 32nd Street float. Your paddle boards will be delivered to Oxbow Park and picked up at the end of your float (and where you will have parked) at 32nd Street and 29th. Roll will meet you and pick up your SUP, saving you the time you would spend cleaning & returning them yourself.

Make A Day Of It

In addition to individual rentals, Roll also offers a fun "Combo Package" for a full day of adventure in Durango. You'll start your day at Memorial Park, where you'll pick up your E-Bikes and spend 2 hours biking the Animas River Trail. Then, you'll enjoy a box lunch at Oxbow beach before you start your paddle board journey back to Memorial Park.

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Roll E-Bikes & SUP Rentals are a great way to feel like a local in Durango. Experience the sights at your own pace on a bike and take to the river to cool off and get some exercise on a paddle board.

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