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San Juan Huts: Durango to Moab

Pedal through 250 miles of remote Colorado wilderness!

Durango is known to be one of the top biking destinations in the country and is home to some of the best mountain biking trails, and hosts several annual biking events. The San Juan Huts provide mountain bikers with a tough, yet rewarding challenge: biking 250 miles from Durango to Moab, and is easily considered on of the top things to do in the Four Corners region.

San Juan Huts

The San Juan Huts are the only destination hut-to-hut based system in the United States and connect bikers, hikers, and skiers to Colorado and Utah’s backcountry. One of the biggest inconveniences of exploring the backcountry is having to lug tents, food, water, clothes, and more with you on the trail. By providing fully stocked huts, the San Juan Huts give outdoor adventurers the ability to stay in the backcountry longer without having to worry about packing a large rucksack.

Backcountry Biking

If you’re looking for a new type of biking adventure the San Juan Hut System provides a well-developed network of single track trails across some of the West’s most amazing terrain. There are four different routes you can choose from: Telluride to Moab, Durango to Moab, Telluride to Gateway, and Durango to Paradox. These trails provide a mix of technical single track and scenic dirt roads, so they're perfect for any adventurer.

Durango to Moab

The track from Durango to Moab is approximately 250 miles and this is one of the system’s most popular routes. Each hut is about 35 miles apart and are equipped with food, water, propane cook stove, lights, sleeping gear, cookware, and more. The route follows dirt roads and single track trails from the San Juans to the canyon country of Utah. This trip has departure dates from June to September, and is a 6 night/ 7 day ride. This route is designed for more advanced riders in good physical condition.

How it Works

This is one of the only ways in the country bikers can enjoy cross country bikepacking without the weight of supplies and gear. To book, visit their website and check their availability; then, give them a call to make a reservation. From there, your huts will be reserved for you and your group for the trek from Durango to Moab. With a generously stocked pantry for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you’re sure to not go hungry. The only equipment you need to bring is a mountain bike, small backpack, and personal clothing.

More than Biking

The hut system started specifically for cross-country skiing in the Sneffels Range in the Uncompahgre National Forest. The hut system then developed into mountain biking and hiking destinations. The huts still provide skiers with access to the best north aspect skiing of Colorado. The huts also provide hikers, hunters, and runners access to this remote terrain.

Is biking 250 miles across the remote wilderness not for you? That's okay! There are plenty of exciting attractions in Durango to fuel your adventurous side. Check out our things to do page where you can learn more about ziplining, skiing, white water rafting, and more in Durango!

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