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See Durango Without Breaking the Bank!

Desperate for a retreat away but worried about the budget crunch? In Durango, you don’t have to be! We’ve gathered a few of our favorite tips for saving money while traveling and asked for input from fans of Durango on Facebook. Below you’ll find a few of our favorite tips for enjoying the best of Southwest Colorado without breaking the bank!

Eat A Big Lunch

Eating out can take a bite out of your budget, especially while traveling! Another way to save while dining out is to make lunch your main meal. Entree prices are often at least 30% cheaper at lunch than dinner, and you’ll be less likely to splurge on pricey beer or wine earlier in the day. Check out our Durango restaurants page for some options.

Durango Restaurants

Package Your Vacation

Many Durango vacations packages include lodging, meals and activities. Buying everything together often works out the save money in the long run; a la carte can add up quickly! Another great way to save on outdoor activites is through our discount packages, bundling up the best of rafting, jeep tours, and of course the Durango train.

Discount Packages

Visit Mesa Verde

Durango’s biggest attraction is it’s natural beauty! It’s a mere $10 entrance fee into the Mesa Verde National Park, but the sights you’ll see will be priceless! See the ancient cliff dwellings, hike, drive the autoloop — no matter what Mesa Verde activity you choose, you’re sure to have a blast! Check out our Mesa Verde tour packages as well.

Mesa Verde
durango hotels

Be Picky

Do some homework, especially when picking a hotel. Comparison shopping is essential, as the least expensive hotel might not save you money. Look at rates, but also look at services. Durango hotels offer a variety of amenities, so consider things like meals, housekeeping, room features and activity packages before making your final decision. Also, remember Durango lodging options also include camping, cabins and bed & breakfasts. Consider these options, too!

Take advantage of free activities. There’s always something to do in Durango. Many of the festivals and happenings that make the region’s culture so rich are free and open to the public! Check out Durango.com's calendar of local events! Looking for more ways to save on your next trip to Durango? Get involved with the discussion at Durango’s Facebook page! Share your tips, see others and learn even more about what makes Durango so magical!

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