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Silverton Skijoring

A Unique Winter Sport Competition Near Durango

At high noon in February each year on Blair Street in Silverton, spectators can witness a sport unlike any other: Skijoring. Free and open to the public to watch, Silverton Skijoring is a local showing of a competitive sport previously seen around the world in events such as the Nordic Games. Returning after a year-long hiatus, this winter event is one you will not want to miss, so book your hotel and make plans to attend this year.

What is Skijoring?

The word "skijoring" comes from the Norwegian word "skikjøring," meaning "ski driving." Skijoring involves three participants: a skier, a rider and a horse. The rider guides the horse through a course, while a skier hangs on to a tow rope and completes obstacles. Obstacles similar to those typically seen in skiing competitions and horse races, such as gates, jumps and rings, can be found. Participants are timed while they go through the course, and prizes are awarded to top finishers.

Silverton Skijoring

Skijoring in Silverton began in 2010, with a brief break in 2018. The event has become popular for riders and spectators, bringing people to Silverton from surrounding towns and even other states. Skijoring is free to spectators, making it the perfect addition to your trip if you are visiting Durango on a budget.

Silverton Skijoring

Who Can Participate?

Skiers and riders of varying levels are welcome to compete. There are novice, sport and open divisions for participants to choose from. There is also a "Fat Boy" division for the slower skiers, horses and riders who still want to participate. Registration takes place on the morning of the race. Registration for skiers and riders is $50 per day. Daily registration includes 2 races (1 match and 1 draw).

Race Day

The races take place in February, typically on Presidents Day weekend. Spectators will want to be on Blair Street by noon to watch the skijoring take place. While you are here, you will also be able to enjoy other activities, food and shopping all around town. The event takes over the streets for a weekend packed full of winter fun.

Event Information

There are plenty of unique things to do in Durango. Attend the Silverton Skijoring event for an experience unlike any other. Because it is free to spectators, this makes the perfect addition to a your budget-friendly Durango vacation. Take advantage of the great deals offered at the beginning of the year to save even more money on your trip.

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