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Skiing With Kids

Tips For Your Family Ski Trip To Durango

A family ski trip can be a memorable experience for both you and your children. Before you head out to the mountains and go skiing with kids, be prepared and plan ahead. Skiing with kids can be an exciting and fun adventure if you are equipped with the knowledge and gear you need.

Opt For Equipment Rentals

When you are planning your first ski trip with your children, it is easy to get caught up and want to buy everything. Kids grow fast, so this is often a waste of money. Unless you are planning multiple ski trips in one year, it may be worthwhile to rent gear and skis. This is possible at nearly every ski area near Durango. The cost of purchasing new gear every winter will add up fast, so renting is typically more cost effective.

Beat The Crowds

Crowds at ski resorts for tickets, equipment rentals, and lifts get larger throughout the day. Your kids will be excited to get started, and a long line may test their patience and cause stress. Arrive early to beat the lines and get your kids set up for the day before it gets too crazy. Plus, you may be able to hit the slopes a few times and get some practice in before there are people zooming past you. This will make it easier and safer for your kids to pick up the sport.

Send Them To Ski School

While it is tempting to try to teach your own children to ski, it is much easier to leave it to the pros. Enjoy some alone time on the slopes while they learn from skiers with years of knowledge and experience teaching children. This will mean less stress for you and an assurance that your children have learned the basic steps of skiing and general rules of the slopes. They will be skilled and safer before you know it.

Helmets Are A Must

Whether your kid is 5 or 15, helmets are an essential piece of equipment. Even if your child is the best skier you know, others on the slopes may not be. Accidents happen and it is best to be prepared and safe in advance. While you may receive a little pushback, safety is the most important part of skiing with kids. Set a good example by wearing one yourself.

Take Plenty Of Breaks

Excitement will be high and everyone will be having fun, but remember to take frequent breaks to warm up, eat and drink. This is a great way to avoid an energy crash and keep everyone on the slopes longer. Most ski resorts will have chalets where you can buy hot chocolate, warm your mittens and take a breather. Refresh and recharge before you hop back on the lifts for another run.

Breathe And Enjoy The Moments

While skiing with kids may be hectic at times, remember to breathe and enjoy the adventure. Take time to slow down and enjoy yourself. Watching your child learn to ski for the is a fun experience. Appreciate the moments of success, and the opportunity to teach them something new along the way. before you know it, you will be packing up to head home and wishing you could stay just a little bit longer.

Save yourself from stress on your first ski trip with kids and plan ahead. Take time to pick the ski area near Durango that fits the needs of your family best. Be sure to pick a kid-friendly hotel as well, so you have somewhere to stay to refresh and recharge for your next day on the slopes.

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