Snowdown, Durango: The Cure For Cabin Fever

2018 Kicks Off With 'A Black Tie Affair' For The Event's 40th Anniversary

For nearly 40 years, Durango has made the most of winter’s short days and long nights with a celebration of fun and frivolity: Snowdown in Durango, Colorado.

snowdown in durango

History of Snowdown in Durango

Durango’s Snowdown was originally founded in 1979 as an attempt to bring something fun, bright and festive to Colorado’s long winter. It has since grow into one of the largest annual seasonal celebrations in the state. Each year’s event has its own theme, ranging from classics like An Old West Snowdown to the outlandish Intergalactic Snowdown.

snowdown in durango

Snowdown Events

And while the theme changes annually, many of the festival’s events remain the same and are part of Snowdown’s lasting legacy. More than 100 events are jam packed into this 5-day event and everything from the annual Parade Of Lights down Main Avenue to adults-only fashion shows to winter sporting contests to beer dunks are on the agenda. Many local businesses get in on the Snowdown action and you’ll find that the annual celebration expands around town.

Snowdown: What You Need to Know

snowdown durango

Winter in Colorado is a long, dark time. Many days you’ll find the sun hiding behind the mountains by midafternoon. Snowdown is a bright spot during the dark winter for Durango. Planning a trip to Durango during Snowdown means bracing yourself for a party of epic proportions. Here are a few things you need to know about Snowdown in Durango:

Who: Snowdown is planned and hosted each year by a non-profit committee and a board of nine directors. Many Durango businesses get in on the fun and host their own events, too. Many of Snowdown’s events involve nudity, drinking and adult humor – this isn’t exactly a family friendly festival.

What: Durango has been hosting a Snowdown celebration each winter for 40 years. More that 100 events and activities are crammed into a 5-day window. Beard growing contests, joke off, hot wing eating contest, beer plunge, outhouse stuffing and a light parade are all on the agenda.

When: This 5-day festival takes place each winter, usually during the last week in January. 2018’s Snowdown will take place January 31-February 4 and promises to bring fun and frivolity across Durango.

Where: Durango, Colorado, tucked away in the Four Corners, is home to Snowdown. The festival spreads across town, with many local businesses hosting celebrations and events.

Snowdown 2018 will take place January 31 – February 4. This year’s theme is A Black Tie Affair and promises to bring glitz, glamour, fun and frivolity to Durango. For more information or to learn more, click over to Planning to attend the upcoming event? Check out our selection of the best Durango hotels or Durango cabin rentals to start planning your trip.