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Things To Do In Durango For Adults

The Top Activities For An Adult's Trip To Durango

Durango is a great family destination, but it is also perfect for an adult getaway. There are plenty of things to do in Durango for adults to fill your time. Whether you are looking for adventure, a place to kick back and relax or a new exciting experience, you'll be happy you chose Durango as your destination.

Head To A Local Brewery

Durango breweries are a great place to kick back and relax on an adults-only weekend. There are many craft micro-breweries in the area where you can sample beer and learn about the brewing process. There are also a variety of beer events & experiences, including Durango Brew Trains and the San Juan Brewfest to grab a drink and experience a big part of Durango's culture.

Beer Guide

Experience Colorado Edibles

Cannabis edibles are growing in popularity throughout Colorado. Durango is home to multiple dispensaries if you are looking to join in on the experience when you visit. Adults over the age of 21 can purchase and use cannabis products in the state. We recommend reading up on the Durango weed laws & policies before you start indulging. You can also prepare by learning more about weed, including the strains available, how much to consume and the potential effects.

Colorado Edibles

Treat Yourself To An Elaborate Meal

Adults-only trips are a great time to enjoy the finer things. Splurge and spend a little extra money to enjoy a meal at an upscale restaurant, like the Kennebec Cafe in the nearby town of Hesperus. A change in environment, paired with fine food, extensive wine & beer offerings and beautiful views will be perfect your getaway.

Kennebec Cafe

Visit A True Dive Bar

One of Durango's best-kept secrets is Orio's Roadhouse. Located on Main Avenue, it is a true dive bar with some of the best drinks and music in the area. If you head into this spot, you'll want to order their well-known drink with a sassy name, the "Purple F'er," as proclaimed on their sparse Facebook page. There isn't much about this destination online, so you'll have to trust us when we say it's worth a visit.

Attend An Adult Event

Each year, many of the events in Durango are geared mostly towards adults. During fall in Durango, adult visitors will enjoy screenings of the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show at The Strater Hotel. In the winter, head out to Snowdown, Durango's biggest and best annual party. Throughout the year, the Durango Train hosts beer and wine focused train events for guests who are 21+. There's no shortage of entertainment for adults in Durango.


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