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Tips for Traveling With Your Pet in Durango

Bring Your Furry Friend Along On Your Vacation

If you are planning a trip to Durango, Colorado for your next vacation, why leave your four legged furry friend at a kennel when you could take them with you? Durango is a very pet friendly town and dogs in particular love to explore the gorgeous nature trails, cool rivers and mountain meadows that surround the trail. If your animal companion is coming with you on this trip to Durango, here are some important tips you need to know.

Leash Laws in Dog Friendly Durango

The lovely city of Durango is dog friendly, but there are still laws about when you need to make sure that your pooch is wearing a leash. All dogs within the city limits of Durango must be on a leash and they must not be tethered anywhere along the public streets – so don’t leave your dog tied up outside while you are in a shop.

In areas such as the Weminuche Wilderness, the Durango Dog Park and the San Juan National Forest, dogs are allowed to be off the leash as long as they are still within control of your voice commands and within your sight.

The Durango Dog Park

When you want to let your canine companion off the leash so that they can run free, take them to the Durango Dog Park. It is a five acre area with river access and a lot of space for dogs to run and play. You will find the park along the Animas River Trail, approximately 0.1 mile west of the intersection of Hwy 160 and Hwy 550.

Pet Friendly Hotels in Durango

There are quite a few pet friendly hotels in Durango where your dog or cat will be welcomed with open arms. When you are making your reservation, be sure to ask the staff about the hotel's policy on pets, where they are allowed in the hotel and what outdoor space is available for walking your pet.

Pet Friendly Hotels

Take Your Dog for a Hike

If you have brought your dog to Durango there are thousands of miles of beautiful hiking trails surrounding the city to explore. Take your furry friend for an adventure on the Horse Gulch Trail System, Vallecito Lake or Colorado Trail. Another great option is the Animas River Trail, which is a paved trail that follows the Animas River for around five miles. It winds in and out of the parks and over several bridges, taking you through some beautiful wild Colorado scenery.

If you and your furry friend like to vacation together, keep these tips in mind for a fantastic visit to Durango, Colorado with your pet.

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