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Top Things To Do In Historic Downtown Durango

Discover Gastropubs, Boutique Shops, Independent Art Galleries & More

Step into historic downtown Durango in the Colorado mountains and you will feel like you have arrived on the set of an old cowboy movie. In fact, the town was used as a filming location for several classics including Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid and How The West Was Won. Stroll through the historic center of the city and you will find much to discover, from gastropubs to boutique shops to organic stores and independent art galleries. Here are some of the best things to do in downtown Durango.

Enjoy the Farmer's Market

Head down to the parking lot of the First National Bank on Saturday mornings from May to October to shop at the local farmers market. You'll find plenty of fresh produce, meats, bkaed goods and locally produced crafts are available for purchase. Pick up lunch for your picnic in the mountains, or stock up for your vacation rental.

Durango Farmer's Market

Durango Art Galleries

There is a great walkable selection of art galleries in historic downtown Durango. With an ever-changing display of fascinating exhibits to choose from, a visit will give you a glimpse into Durango's artistic scene. Also be sure to check out the Durango Arts Center, offering arts education programs for all ages.

Durango Art Galleries

Visit The Railroad Museum

Get a glimpse into the history of Durango at this fascinating museum. Many of the old railroad workers and their families have donated or provided artifacts that tell a story about Durango's past. At the museum you can get a close up look at two full size locomotives, as well as an immigrant sleeper car, a caboose and Durango's first motorized fire engine.

Durango Train

Lunch At The Food Truck Park

Stop by this historic location on the corner of Main Avenue and 11th Street, where locally owned and operated auto repair shops and fuel stations were housed from the 1920s through the 70s. Today the service is a bit different; a handful of small but robust food trucks are here to serve. Stop by 11th Street Station for a relaxed lunchtime experience.

11th Street Station

Dinner in Downtown Durango

Perhaps you're feeling a bit fancy and want to dress up for dinner, or maybe you're just looking for a hearty burger and a nice beer. That's the great thing about restaurants in downtown Durango - there's something to satisfy every craving. From pasta and wine bars to authentic Mexican cuisine and homegrown pizza joints, downtown Durango is a great spot for dinner.

Downtown Restaurants

Visit Guild House Games

Located in the main mall in downtown Durango, Guild House Games is a brick and mortar game shop hosting lots of live gaming events and selling all kinds of games and equipment. They specialize in board games, collectible cards & minis, paints, puzzles, RPG, adventure and strategy games. Check out their event calendar or just stop by to bring something home with you.

Guild House Games

Perhaps these days the elegant Victorian-era saloons have Wi-Fi and the locally owned inns are now posted on TripAdvisor, but the friendly warmth of the Old West is still as strong as ever. Durango manages to find a perfect balance between its past as a 1800s mining town and its future as a modern travel destination. Its stunning mountain setting and rich history make it a very popular vacation spot.

A day of exploring the historic downtown of Durango will be packed with exciting things to do, so why not plan a visit to this friendly and welcoming Wild West town?

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