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6 Unique Ways To See Durango

Explore Durango And The San Juan Mountains In A New Way

Southwest Colorado offers some of the most breathtaking views imaginable. There are many different ways to see Durango and satisfy your sense of adventure. On your next trip, explore Durango and the San Juan Mountains in a new way with one of these unique options.

Rent A Bike

Roll E-Bike will deliver solar powered electric bikes (E-Bikes) to your doorstep on your trip to Durango as long as you are within 10 miles. Pricing starts at $45 for 2 hours and there are group discounts if your whole family wants to join in on the fun. Biking is a great way to explore Durango at your own place, with plenty of opportunities to stop and shop, eat and visit local attractions.

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Take A Scenic Drive

If you are looking to take a scenic drive in Durango, look no further than the San Juan Skyway. The San Juan Skyway is a part of the Million Dollar Highway, which passes through Ouray, Silverton, Durango and Telluride in a loop. The whole loop will take about 7 hours and along the way you will spot dense forests, old west towns, huge valleys and craggy peaks.

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Jeep & RZR Rentals

Take a tour on your own and take all the time in the world to see what you want to see with RZR and Jeep Rentals. Spend a few hours, a whole day or even multiple days exploring Southwest Colorado in vehicles made for outdoor expeditions. You'll have no limits and plenty of miles to drive. This is the perfect option for visitors looking to explore like a local, or people with specific sightseeing in mind.

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Hop On The Durango Train

The Durango Train is one of the most notable ways to immerse yourself in Southwest Colorado. Any route during any season promises beautiful views of the mountains, Durango, Silverton and anywhere in between. There are many different ways to ride, including different train classes to take advantage of.

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ways to see Durango

Dog Sledding Excursions

The Durango Dog Ranch offers year-round adventure through Durango and the La Plata Mountains. During winter, hop on board for a traditional dog sledding excursion. During the summer months, guests can take scooter rides pulled by sled dogs. No matter the weather, there is a dog sled excursion to take advantage of. Speed right through the mountains and watch in awe as the dogs take you where you need to go.

ways to see Durango

Durango Air Tours

Get a birds-eye view of the San Juan Mountains and Durango with Durango Air Tours. Book a tour, then hop on board a small aircraft and fly all over Southwest Colorado. You can take a quick 40-minute flight, or customize your experience and see everything you want to see. Pick the trip length that works best for your budget and vacation. You'll be in awe at the beautiful landscape of the area as you tour from above.

It's impossible to get bored when you take advantage of the many unique ways to see Durango. Whether you tour the area on the ground or in the sky, gorgeous views and amazing wildlife are waiting for you.

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