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What Kind of Durango, CO Vacationer Are You?

Ever wondered what the best way to enjoy Durango would be? Well, the answer to that question depends on the types of things you like to do.

To help you plan your ideal Durango, CO vacation according to your particular interests, answer the following questions and tally up the corresponding score. Your end result should tell you what your dream Durango vacation might look like!

#1: Which Colorado Native (Living or Dead) Would Be Your Ideal Durango Vacation Buddy?

A. Hunter S. Thompson, who could show you all the weird activities you wouldn’t find with anyone else (+4)
B. John Elway, who could take you skiing in the backcountry (+3)
C. Bill Murray (an alumni of Regis University in Denver), who could show you a great time that is not as terrifying as Hunter S. Thompson’s (+2)
D. Gerald Ford, who could tell you about the history of the area along with its most luxurious attractions (+1)

#2: If You Could Eat One Thing During Your Entire Durango Vacation, What Would It Be?

A. Trail mix (+3)
B. Fine French charcuterie (+1)
C. Fresh ground burgers slightly pink in the middle (+2)
D. Whatever is served to you while you wear a blindfold (+4)

#3: Which Most Accurately Describes Your Last Bath?

A. A bubble bath with lilac salts and lavender oil (+1)
B. A quick, hot shower (+2)
C. It was a few days ago, but I think soap was involved (+3)
D. Which most accurately describes my last what, now? What is this “bath” you speak of? (+4)

#4: If You Had a Superpower on Your Durango Vacation, What Would It Be?

A. The ability to never get tired when hiking the backcountry (+3)
B. The ability to travel back in time to witness Colorado history (+1)
C. Jedi mind tricks to get a free tab at any hotel, bar or restaurant (+2)
D. The ability to turn different colors and freak vacationers out (+4)

#5: You Wake Up on the Third Night of Your Durango Vacation. Where Are You?

A. At the historic Strater Hotel, about to enjoy the breakfast buffet (+1)
B. At the Colorado Trails Ranch, about to go fly fishing (+2)
C. I have no idea. Um, can I get a ride? (+4)
D. Inside your tent about to hit the trails once more (+3)

Now Tally Up Your Score!

5–7: Refined and Relaxed Culture Aficionado
Chances are your pinky is raised at this moment while you sip upon your tiny cup of hot tea. Lucky for you, Durango is quite luxurious while also having lots of culture and history to absorb. Go get pampered at the Springs Resort, and then peruse the artifacts of days past in the Animas Museum.

Your favorite attractions might be:
● The Scenic Aperture Gallery
● Animas Chocolate Company
● Sutcliffe Vineyards
● Springs Resort & Spa

8–12: Button-Down Rambler
You like being laid-back in the truest sense of the term. Vacationing is something meant to be relaxing and also an experience. You prefer being entertained and having some good grub, but you also don’t want to miss out on what the beautiful Colorado wilderness has to offer.

Your favorite attractions might be:
● A dinner show at the Strater Hotel
● Going on a train ride along the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad
● Fly fishing up in the San Juan mountains
● Sampling handcrafted vodka at Durango Craft Spirits

13–16: Trail-Happy Traveler
Restaurants, shopping and shows are okay, but what you really came out to Durango for is the wilderness. Mountain biking, rafting, rock climbing, hiking and camping are what you are about. Anything less is a business trip, not a vacation.

Your favorite attractions might be:
Kayaking down the Animas River
● Mountain biking down Animas Mountain
● Backpacking through the San Juan National Forest
● Unwinding at the Ska Brewing Co. before you leave

17–20: Wild Child
You crave only the most obscure, hair-raising experiences out there. If it is on the guide book, why even bother? Everyone who meets you remembers your name. After your vacation, Durango might never be the same.

Your favorite attractions might be:
● Renting a snowmobile from Snowmobile Adventures
● Challenging strangers to a high-stakes pool game at Colorado Pongas
● Ice climbing up famous routes in the East Animas ice range

We hope these suggestions have inspired you to get out there and try something new during your Durango, CO vacation. Book a cabin in Durango, CO to try out some of them, and maybe sample some of the ones in other categories to broaden your horizons. Take a look at our Durango vacation rentals page for more information on booking your stay.

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