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Why Go On Spring Break in Durango?

Take A Unique Spring Break Trip To Southwest Colorado This Year

Durango is a great spring break location if you are looking for something different than the typical beach trip. If you are still holding onto winter weather, snow will still be on the ground for skiing and outdoor fun. The first signs of spring will begin to show, however, so you will get the best of both seasons. If that isn't enough to convince you, check out the top reasons why you should plan your spring break trip to Durango today.

Enjoy Winter and Spring Weather

Spring break in Durango is the perfect time to enjoy the overlapping of two great seasons. Experience the beauty of winter with the remaining snow, and see the first signs of spring blossom before your eyes at the same time. The rising temperature will provide a break from the freezing cold of winter, but it won't feel like summer just yet. Enjoy a beautiful in-between on your spring break in Durango.

Hike and Ski on One Trip

With the heavy snow that Durango sees during winter months, it is no surprise that some of it sticks around through spring. This means that the ski and snowboarding season often is extended until well into spring as well. With so many slopes near Durango, a spring break ski trip is a great option. At the same time, you will find that some trails in the mountains have thawed out, meaning that you can go skiing one day and hiking the next. Enjoy the beauty of the San Juan Mountains both ways.

Outdoor Activities

Soak In Durango Hot Springs

There's more to the mountains around Durango than skiing and adventure. The hills of the San Juan Mountains are also the perfect place to relax. One way you can relax in the mountains of the Four Corners region is in a hot spring. Just 8 miles north of downtown Durango, Durango Hot Springs Resort & Spa awaits, offering a breathtaking facility that serves as an ideal retreat during your upcoming trip.

Durango Hot Springs

Strap On A Pair Of Snowshoes

For an awesome Spring Break adventure that everyone can enjoy, consider strapping on a pair of snowshoes to explore the trails around Mesa Verde National Park. It's a fantastic choice, especially if you or someone in your group is new to winter sports – if you can walk, you can definitely snowshoe! What makes it even better is that snowshoeing in Mesa Verde is super versatile; you can embark on the journey regardless of how much snow blankets the trail.

Snowshoeing In Mesa Verde

Take A Trip To A Dispensary

Welcome to Durango, where majestic mountains meet rich Western history, thrilling outdoor sports, and yes, cannabis dispensaries. In Colorado, the medical and recreational marijuana scene has soared, and Durango's dispensaries are right on track. With a plethora of options, exploring Durango's dispensaries is a fantastic way to fully experience all that this vibrant city has to offer.

Durango Dispensaries

Grab A Drink

Wondering where to find the best drinks in Durango on your vacay? No worries! We've crafted a list of the ultimate spots to savor a glass of wine, a pint of beer, a special cocktail, and more. Take a look at some of our favorite places to grab a drink in Durango.

Best Places To Grab A Drink

Eat Like A Local

One of the best parts of a Durango vacation is the food. Durango is home to a wide variety of cuisines and restaurants, from classic burger joints to elegant fine-dining experiences. If you're wondering where to eat in and around Durango, check out these suggestions from locals for your next trip.

Durango Restaurants

Enjoy Downtown Durango

In the historic center of Durango you can really taste the atmosphere of the old west. At the same time, you can experience some of the most modern amenities and attractions. Stay in a historic hotel downtown and admire authentic artifacts from the old west, then head out on a beer tour to experience Durango's beer scene. Enjoy a meal at a local pub or café, and then stop by the Durango train museum to view the history of one of the area's most notible attractions.

Downtown Durango

Ride the Train

The railway line between Durango and the historic mining town of Silverton is one of the most beautiful train routes in America. Choose the perfect train class to ride in, from a covered coupé, to a presidential car or an open wagon. Then sit back and relax as stunning views of the Animas River and the San Juan Mountains roll by. Enjoy one of the best attractions that Southwest Colorado has to offer on your spring break trip to Durango.

Train Information

If you are planning your spring break in Durango, be sure to book your lodging in advance. Take advantage of the changing seasons on your trip to Durango and enjoy the best of both winter and spring.

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