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Winter Sports

Best Things To Do In Winter In Durango, Colorado

Durango is home to a variety of winter sports, including some of the classics and ones you may never have tried before. Skiing and snowboarding are the obvious top choices for many visitors and there are many great places for skiing near Durango. If you are looking to try something new, there are plenty of other exciting activities available during winter in Durango. You can test your agility and strength on an ice climbing adventure. Or, kick back and relax on a scenic guided tour of the mountains on a dog sled or snowmobile for a unique Colorado experience.


For the adventure seekers, a scenic tour of Durango on a 162 horsepower, dual runner Arctic Cat snowmobile may be the highlight of your winter vacation. Visitors can rent snowmobiles and explore alone, or take a guided tour with a professional. These tours come with no risk of getting lost, and a guarantee of seeing the best scenic spots the area has to offer. Snowmobiles are a great way for an adrenaline junkie to explore Durango during the winter months.

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Skiing & Snowboarding

A traditional Durango adventure is a skiing or snowboarding trip. There are plenty of areas and resorts perfect for skiing near Durango for visitors of all levels. Bring your own gear, or rent some when you get there. Take a lesson, or show off your skills on the expert slopes. Enjoy skiing in Durango for a classic winter experience on your next trip.

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Ice Climbing

The sport of ice climbing is one that takes concentration, strength, and a high tolerance for the cold. Proper equipment is imperative and prior experience is recommended. When you come to Durango to ice climb, you'll want to get started Experienced climbers can get right on the advanced routes such as “The Seven Year Itch” at Cascade Canyon and “Stairway to Heaven” at Eureka Canyon in Silverton.

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That’s not to say that beginners are not welcome or that it’s hard to learn in Durango. On the contrary, the outfitters here would love to have you learn from them and would equally love to pass on all the knowledge they have gained through their years of experience.

Sleigh Rides

If you like the cold, but you prefer to experience it on a sleigh, Durango has plenty to offer you. Mayday Livery and Rapp Coral Sleigh Rides both offer beautiful scenic sleigh rides through areas near or around Haviland Lake and La Plata County. Leave the guiding to the pros and witness some of the best parts of Durango during the winter months in a special way. Bring a blanket, cozy up and enjoy the ride.

Fill your next Durango winter vacation with these great outdoor sports and adventures. There is plenty to do for people of all skill levels and abilities, so take advantage of all of the outdoor activities that Durango has to offer.

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