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Southwest Colorado Blooms at Durango Botanic Gardens

Get up close and personal with the flora of Southwest Colorado at the Durango Botanic Gardens. This can't-miss stop along the Animas River Trail is one of the city’s best places to relax and enjoy what makes the Four Corners beautiful.

Durango Botanic Gardens

You'll find Durango Botanic Gardens located at the Durango Public Library, right on the Animas River Trail at 1900 East 3rd Street in Durango. The gardens beautify the east and north sides of the library’s exterior. The new Literary Garden is expanding the Botanic Garden's footprint to the west of the library. Durango Botanic Gardens features all kinds of horticultural gems, from flowers to herbs to grasses and more. The gardens are free to visit and open to the public 24 hours a day.

Visiting the Botanic Gardens

There are many reasons why locals and visitors alike love the Durango Botanic Gardens. Strolling among these beautiful plants and flowers provides a peace and tranquility and can delight the senses with unique smells. Durango Botanic Gardens are made up of 9 unique gardens, each with an individual theme. The gardens are responsible for the society winning awards for their excellent showcases and efforts in converting the urban area into a haven for pollinators.

About The Gardens

The Demonstration Garden has 7 growing areas and themes to showcase the plants that grow best in Southest Colorado's climate. The Crevice Garden features a gneiss rock garden and bare-root plantings. Gabbro Wind Garden showcases miniature conifers and hand-carved boulders. Elevation Grass Collection displays a collection of ornamental and other grasses that are friendly to Durango's unique climate.

More Themed Gardens

There's also the Rosie the Riveter Rose Garden, which pays homage to this iconic feminist figure with floribunda roses. The Herb Garden features a time-telling sundial with 12 species of thyme. Cindy Smart Minature Tree Garden is named for the gardens' founder and shows off how small trees can play a big role in a landscape. The Arboretum shares trees that thrive in the Four Corners climate. The Literary Garden is a celebration of the partnership between the Durango Botanic Gardens and Durango Public Library.

Activities to Enjoy

Not only are the Botanic Gardens the perfect place to relax with the book you just checked out from the library or stroll along the paved path, but you'll also find other opportunities for enjoyment. Consider taking a picnic to the gardens for family friendly fun, or chatting with volunteers (usually there on Saturday mornings) to learn more about the plants of Durango. Listen to the relaxing sounds of the rushing Animas River.

Learn more about the Durango Botanic Gardens by visiting their website. While you're at it, find more things to do in Durango and check out our Durango family guide.

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