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Durango Snowmobile

Trails, Tours, & Snowmobile Information

Snowmobiling in Durango, Colorado is one of the best ways to get the full backcountry experience without having to trudge through miles of snow on your own two feet. You get to soak in all the excitement and beauty of the Durango, Colorado mountains in a fast-paced and exciting adventure.

Hop On Your Sled

Tearing through Durango snowmobile trails with the cool Colorado wind tousling your hair and the spray of fresh snow upon your jacket is one of the best ways to induce a near permanent grin. Snowmobiling in Durango, Colorado has become a favorite pastime even for area locals, who know all about the best snowmobile trails in Durango worth hurtling over.

Snowmobile Tours In Durango

Snowmobile rentals can be fun, but having a guided snowmobile tour in Durango is the best way to experience all of the top snowmobile trails without worrying about getting lost or stranded. Let one of the amazing companies offering Durango snowmobile tours be your access to an exhilarating and memorable ride through the San Juan Mountains.

Know Before You Go

According to the Colorado Avalanche Information Center, avalanches have killed more people in Colorado than any other natural hazard since 1950. For this reason it is absolutely vital to be informed about avalanche conditions before venturing out on your sled. Do some research, check the weather conditions, and always carry an avalanche beacon in case of emergency. With the right preparation, it's easy to get out there and have some fun safely.

Snowmobile Trails in Durango

Durango snowmobile trails are tenderly curated and groomed by the passionate members of the non-profit San Juan Sledders Snowmobile Club and the Silverton Snowmobile Club. While there are countless byways and areas worth exploring on a snowmobile in the San Juan Mountains, there are a number of popular and well-groomed snowmobile trails in Durango, Colorado worth exploring.

Durango Snowmobile Safety Tips and Park Guidelines

Snowmobiles are a blast to ride or drive, but they can also be incredibly dangerous when used improperly. Use the following Durango snowmobiling safety tips to protect yourself and others while operating a snowmobile:

  • ALWAYS check for avalanche danger ahead of time and carry a beacon shovel and probe at all times.
  • NEVER operate a snowmobile under the influence of alcohol.
  • Never ride without a DOT-certified helmet with full-face protection.
  • Dress in multiple layers for warmth and protection from the elements. Wear a snowmobile suit, ski bibs or a waterproof shell jacket to keep out moisture, gloves, warm socks, boots or shoes with sturdy ankle support, and warm base layers.
  • Ride with at least one other snowmobile to have an evacuation plan in the event of a crash.
  • Review weather conditions and avoid times when blizzards, avalanches, extreme cold or other hazardous conditions are likely.
  • Keep your speeds reasonable and adjust them based on conditions like visibility or impending turns.
  • Be especially cautious on trails frequented by hikers, cross-country skiers or other snowmobile operators.
  • Stay to the right unless you are on a single track trail.
  • Remain on trails to avoid trespassing or habitat damage, which can lead to trail closures.
  • Avoid riding over frozen rivers or lakes. Wear a life jacket if ice riding is necessary.
  • Avoid riding at night if you are inexperienced. If you are riding at night, wear reflective clothing, reduce your speed and ensure that your headlight is working properly.
  • Anyone under the age of 16 should not operate a snowmobile. Drivers with passengers should be mature enough to behave responsibly.
  • Children passengers must have the strength to hold onto drivers in bumpy conditions; anyone under the age of six is generally not recommended.
  • Ensure that your snowmobile has a full tank and is in maintained condition before embarking.
  • Have at least one rider in your group carry a first-aid kit as well as emergency provisions and a repair kit.
  • Beginners should follow only groomed trails or a seasoned guide.

Operating a snowmobile safely and responsibly also requires adhering to the rules of the area you entering. For instance, the San Juan National Forest strictly forbids snowmobile access to certain areas because of noise ordinances and habitat preservation. It is important to know these regulations before you put yourself at danger.

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